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The Lightning Strike

Welcome to January football, Chargers fans

Welcome to the Justin Jackson show

Michael Badgley kicks his way into history and the Chargers to their 10th victory

Against the Steelers, Keenan Allen surges again 

Chargers injuries will define the remainder of the season

Keenan Allen’s breakout game is coming Sunday

It’s do or die time on Joey Bosa’s status

Losing Denzel Perryman could be more than just another ‘next man up’ situation

Chargers must win to make statement following trade deadline

Drew Kaser released and Chargers fans have some questions

A strange move made by Chargers GM Tom Telesco, leaving Chargers fans with questions...and rightfully so.

In Tom Telesco we trust for the future

The Chargers might be 1-2, but trust that their GM is taking the team in the right direction

Chargers WR Mike Williams: debunking the curse of 7th overall pick

The NFL Draft seventh overall pick has been cursed for years. Williams looks to finally bring stability to the selection.

What should the Chargers do against Josh Allen?

The Chargers have already faced one big arm, are they ready for another?

Is Austin Ekeler RB2 or WR3? Who cares? Play him

Following a disastrous performance by the receiving unit, should Philip Rivers look to target his running back more?

Welcome to the NFL, Derwin James

In his first game, the former Seminole safety made his mark.

Finding the future Tom Telesco quarterback

Philip Rivers can’t play forever, so who should the Chargers consider next season?

Is this finally the right Chargers team?

Every year you hear it, will this time be different?