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Social Media

The internet reacts to the Chargers Khalil Mack trade news

Tom Telesco broke the twitters

PODCAST: The BFTB staff go live for Day 1 of the 2019 NFL Draft

Melvins Take to Twitter to Recruit Honey Badger

#28 and #52 use their social media platforms to pitch the Bolts to the Honey Badger

Danny Woodhead Is a Free Agent and at Least One Member of the Chargers Wants Him Back

Los Angeles Chargers Training Camp: Day 1 Twitter Rundown

Here’s a collection of the best tweets from day 1 of camp

Ask Joe Barksdale anything!

Joe Barksdale is doing an AMA/Q+A on Reddit on Friday - and you're all invited!

Twitter reacts to the Joey Bosa signing.

It finally happened. It’s over. Joey Bosa is a San Diego Charger. And everyone and their mother are going to have thoughts on it.

BFTB First Annual Madden Tournament!!!

Do YOU have what it takes to be the champion?

The easiest way to be a knowledgeable Chargers fan

Five easy steps to prepare San Diego Chargers fans for the upcoming season. How can they go about setting themselves up to get the most information about the team?

San Diego Chargers Training Camp: Stay in the Know with Twitter

It can be difficult at times to stay up to date on all the happenings with the San Diego Chargers. Now with our handy-dandy list of people on Twitter, you can stay up to date whenever you want!