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Get your Chargers shirts during BreakingT’s Memorial Day Sale

Chargers fans, join Bolts From The Blue FanPulse

After Dark: How Long Have You Been Reading BFTB? (This Time With a Poll)

After Dark is a place for the BFTB community to come together and talk about anything and everything.

After Dark: How Long Have You Been Reading BFTB?

After Dark is a place for the BFTB community to come together and talk about anything and everything.

Would You Like to Write About the Los Angeles Chargers?

We are looking for new writers to add to the staff to write about the Chargers. Are you interested? Apply now.

BFTB Madden 17 (Xbox One) Tournament has begun!

BFTB Madden NFL 17 PS4 Tournament

After an overwhelming response, the Playstation 4 BFTB Madden tournament will be held soon!

BFTB Madden NFL 17 Xbox One Tournament!

BFTB First Annual Madden Tournament!!!

Do YOU have what it takes to be the champion?

Join us at Chargers FanFest 2016

Come out and meet your fellow Bolts from the Blue members and watch some Chargers practice at the Q.

Would you like to join the BFTB staff this season?

Bolts from the Blue is looking for new writers to add to the staff to write about the San Diego Chargers. Are you interested? Fill out our application today!

The BFTB mapping project (version 3)

An interactive map of BFTB's staff and readers, and their locations from around the world.

How can we make the FanPosts/FanShots more active?

The FanPost and FanShot sections exist for you to share your ideas and take control of the conversation here. And we would like to make those sections more active and we would appreciate your feedback on how we can make that happen.

SITE NEWS: End of an era at Bolts from the Blue

John Gennaro is stepping down as the managing editor, and Richard Wade will be charged with taking his place.

Want to be in charge of Bolts from the Blue?

Now is your chance to take the lead at the biggest unofficial San Diego Chargers blog and community on the internet!

The King is dead, long live The King!

It's the beginning of a new era at Bolts from the Blue, starting with the end of the old era.

Job Opening: BFTB Weekend Editor

We're looking for someone to run this place on the weekends. Apply if interested!

Thank you, BFTB

With the 2015 season coming to a close, the a possible end for the San Diego Chargers (as we know them) looming, it's time to pass out thanks to those that make this blog work as well as it does.

Let's hang out at Chargers Fan Fest 2015

San Diego Chargers football has brought us all together online. Now, it's time for it to bring us all together in person. Yes, seriously.

Lurker Post: Come out and play before it gets busy

It's time to join in on BFTB's second greatest feature: Commenting!

Announcing your 2014-15 BFTB Awards

The BFTB staff hands out awards for the best Chargers players of 2014, including MVP, offensive and defensive players of the year, and more.

Merry Christmas from BFTB!

Enjoy your day of celebration, love, family, friends, and gift-giving. You can get back to worrying about the San Diego Chargers and the NFL Playoffs tomorrow.

BFTB OC Meetup: Chargers and Breakfast Food

This Sunday, the Chargers will be in Baltimore taking on the Ravens in a game that will have enormous playoff implications. Join us in Lake Forest (not Irvine) for food and camaraderie as we watch the game.

Featured Fanshot

The Official BFTB Pumpkin

The Manti Te'oles: The Preview

Stephen Hwang provides a preview to Bolts from the Blue's upcoming series on San Diego Chargers Manti Te'o.

BFTB Mapping Project, version 2

An interactive map of BFTB's staff and readers, and their locations from around the world.

A Call to Lurkers: Join BFTB Today!

Our standard bi-annual call for lurkers to come out and start enjoying the best part of BFTB: The comments!

Little Fam, Big Fans - BFTB's New Street Team

Introducing the Littles and their plan to provide BFTB with warm and fuzzy stories about the Chargers in the community. Awww...

Meet the new BFTB Writers!

As is annual tradition, the BFTB staff is being refreshed. Some are staying, some are going, and 11 new writers are being added to the staff. Come and meet them all.

Would you like to write about the Chargers?

Have you ever wanted to be a part of the BFTB writing staff? Now is your chance to apply to blog about the San Diego Chargers!

The BFTB OC Meetup was a Success

A bunch of readers, writers, commenters and lurkers from BFTB got together to watch a game together, and it was the best game of the season for the San Diego Chargers. Coincidence?

OC Meetup: Let's watch some football together!

This Sunday, the San Diego Chargers travel to Kansas City to take on the 9-1 Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium. Before the game, you should travel to Orange County to participate in BFTB's first ever OC Meetup.

MEETUP: Chargers-Cardinals preseason game

Do you have plans for Saturday night? Well, now you do! Hang out with the BFTB community while watching the San Diego Chargers take on the Arizona Cardinals in the most important preseason game of the year for both teams.

It's Time for BFTB's Fantasy Football Leagues

Want to be a part of BFTB's fantasy football leagues? Here's your chance.

BFTB Meetup: Chargers Fan Fest at Qualcomm Stadium

Come hang out with BFTB writers, readers, lurkers and commenters during Saturday afternoon's Chargers practice at Qualcomm Stadium.

How to run the Chargers 5K like an idiot

John Gennaro seems to screw up running the San Diego Chargers' "Bolt to the Q" 5K every year. Find out what went wrong in 2013.


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