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Cut Him or Keep Him?

Chargers' Players to watch as Roster Cuts Approach

The Chargers are going to be cutting their roster from 75 to 53 this Saturday and the preseason finale is the last chance for some of these guys to make a case for themselves. Here are the important players to watch.

Cut Him or Keep Him?: Jeromey Clary

Should the San Diego Chargers try and replace their six-year veteran Right Tackle during this offseason, or should they wait another year?

Cut Him or Keep Him?: Takeo Spikes

It now seems like Takeo Spikes wants to play in 2013 for the San Diego Chargers. The question is, should the Chargers want him back?

Cut Him or Keep Him?: Ronald Meachem

It was just one year ago when the San Diego Chargers signed Rodney Meachem to a large contract. Is it time to move on or is the investment too much?

Cut Him or Keep Him?: Le'Ron McClain

After a single season with the San Diego Chargers, and with two years left on his deal, should Le'Ron McClain be released?

Cut Him or Keep Him?: Atari Bigby

Atari Bigby had an up-and-down season with the San Diego Chargers that was filled with big plays, missed tackles, blown coverage and injuries. Will he be kept in 2013?