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Chargers Radio Interviews

Isaac Rochell joined ‘The Jim Rome Show’ to talk new-look defense

The fourth-year defender was ecstatic to discuss the team’s defense on Wednesday.

Chargers LAtely Ep. 10: Bobby Holly and the #41

Michael is joined by UDFA FB Bobby Holly to discuss his time in quarantine, his favorite play at LA Tech, and getting the chance to wear #41.

It's Radio Week!

If you find yourself near a radio this week, there's a good chance you'll be able to listen to the dulcet tones of John Gennaro by tuning the dial to 1090AM.

Do the Chargers Players Trust the Medical Staff?

If you read between the lines, it seems as though some of the young stars on the San Diego Chargers' roster have started to trust non-team doctors with their serious injuries more than they do the in-house medical staff. Should the team be worried?

Rivers Opens Up About Gates

Rivers and Gates have been doing great things on the field since 2006. How does the Charger QB feel about losing the target he has had his entire career for the first four games of 2015? He recently told all of us in an interview.

LT offers some optimism on Rivers and the stadium

Ladainian Tomlinson offers a little optimism on both Philip Rivers AND the team itself, staying in San Diego.

LT: The people's champion

Could LT come back and make a difference in the quest for a new stadium?

Canepa craps all over L.A. in hilarious interview

Nick Canepa from the UT-San Diego goes on the radio to talk about the obstacles standing in the way of the NFL returning to Los Angeles and it is delightful.

Telesco: Pagano will "absolutely" return next year

San Diego Chargers General Manager Tom Telesco made an appearance on the Darren Smith show today and commented on a few topics.

Greg Cosell talks Chargers with Darren Smith

Darren Smith had Greg Cosell from NFL Films on his radio show to discuss what fans can expect from the 2013 San Diego Chargers.

Radio Interview: Chargers Defensive Coordinator John Pagano

San Diego Chargers Defensive Coordinator John Pagano sits down with Josh & Charod to discuss changes to the defense and how the rookies are looking.

Radio: Norv Turner Joins Darren Smith on XX1090

Norv Turner joins Darren Smith to talk 2011, the 2012 Training Camp and the upcoming game against the Packers.

Philip Rivers Joins Steve and Judson on XTRA 1360AM

Philip Rivers sits down to discuss the new guys and the rest of the AFC West.

Chargers Radio: Philip Rivers Joins The World of Sports

The QB of the San Diego Chargers answers a few offseason questions.

San Diego Chargers LB Jarret Johnson Joins Darren Smith Show

One of the Chargers' prized free agents talks about life with his new team

San Diego Chargers: A.J. Smith Post-Draft Interview

The Chargers GM calls in to answer Darren Smith's questions about the draft, the 2012 season and the 2011 season.

A.J. Smith Interview On XTRA Sports 1360 AM's World of Sports

Last week A.J. Smith continued his Accessibility Tour by going on the XTRA Sports 1360 AM's World Of Sports with Chris and Ben. A.J. delves more into the details of free agency, discusses Robert Meacheam, the Wide Receiver corp, Jarret Johnson and finally reveals the defensive stat that eats at him.

San Diego Chargers Interviews - Corey Liuget

San Diego Chargers Interviews - Corey Liuget

Chargers Interviews: Randy McMichael 9/26

Chargers Interviews: Randy McMichael

Chargers Interview - Ryan Mathews 9/14

San Diego Chargers second-year RB answers questions about his game against the Vikings, the Patriots and the transition from his rookie season.

Chargers Interview - Philips Rivers on the Dan Patrick Show

Highlights from Rivers' hilarious interview with Dan Patrick on Monday.

San Diego Chargers Interviews - Eric Weddle 8/23

Chargers safety Eric Weddle interviewed

Training Camp Interview with Larry English

Listen to our interview with San Diego Chargers OLB Larry English

San Diego Chargers on the Radio 8/15 - Bob Sanders

Interview with Bob Sanders. He talks about similarities between the Colts and Chargers, says the Chargers are not a finesse team.

San Diego Chargers on the Radio 8/4 - Corey Liuget

San Diego Chargers on the Radio: 8/1

Breakdown of the Takeo Spikes and Bob Sanders interviews from Monday.

Kevin Acee on XX1090: Chargers Special Teams Coach Steve Crosby is here to stay

Once again, the Silver Fox himself went on XX1090 and talked with Darren Smith about the Chargers' Special Teams meltdown and what to expect from the team going forward.

Kevin Acee on Jim Rome's Radio Show Says Chargers are Generally Happy LT is Gone

Kevin Acee stops by Jim Rome's radio show to discuss LT's decline with the Chargers, how the team is handling life without him, and why they're generally happy he's left the team.

LT: "I Didn't Feel Connected to the Team"

LT: "I Didn't Feel Connected to the Team". Going through LT's controversial radio interview.

Victor Conte Radio Interview

Victor Conte Radio Interview

Chargers Radio Interviews From the Last Week

Radio interview summaries of the Chargers from the last week.

Hank Bauer Interviewed on XTRA 1360

Various San Diego Chargers related interviews, including an in-depth interview with Hank Bauer.

Recent Player Radio Interviews

Radio Interview with Michael Bennett, Legedu Naanee, and Kynan Forney

Recent Radio Interviews - LT, Ellison, Martin, and English

Recent Radio interviews with LaDainian Tomlinson, Kevin Ellison, Vaughn Parker, and Larry English

The Kris Dielman Story

The Kris Dielman Story. The Pro Bowl Left Guard was ignored in high school and college before finally finding the right position for him.

Radio Interview With AJ Smith on the Drive


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