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Power Rankings

Chargers Week 15 power rankings roundup

Several publications bounce back on the Bolts.

Chargers land at #28 in Bleacher Report’s post-draft power rankings

Even with a stacked roster, B/R isn’t too high on the Bolts.

NFL Power Rankings: Week 15 Roundup

The Chargers are still firmly stuck in Andy Reid’s shadow

Power Rankings Roundup: Somehow the Chargers are still ignored

The Chargers are officially a powerhouse team without the ranking to show for it

Power Rankings Roundup: Week 13

The Chargers win! Times are good for another week!

POWER RANKINGS Roundup: Week 12

The Chargers lay an egg

POWER RANKINGS: Week 11 Roundup

The Chargers are officially Juggernauts (well, Hulkbusters!)