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Los Angeles Chargers Salary Cap

Are salary reductions for Mike Williams, Joey Bosa in everyone’s best interest

The cap culling by the Chargers has begun. Could creative solutions keep Joey Bosa and Mike Williams on the team another season?

Chargers’ 2024 salary compliance just got $14,000,000 more complicated

The salary cap situation got a little more bleak for the Chargers this upcoming offseason

Can ‘selling’ at the deadline save the Chargers from a 2024 cap crisis?

The Chargers have gone "All-In," but it’s not too late to back down... yet.

6 goals for the Chargers to maximize Justin Herbert’s value

The Chargers are entering a new era as Herbert’s extension creates less financial flexibility for the team. Here are six process-oriented ways his value can be maximized.

Who is ultimately responsible for Austin Ekeler’s contract situation?

Is the current RB market to blame, or did Ekeler cash-in on an extension too soon?

Chargers have 7 games in 2023 to show they’re contenders

Contract restructures will force the Chargers to partially rebuild in 2024. Could a slow start in 2023 tempt them to start early?

Chargers’ salary cap woes in 2024 create ‘win now’ urgency

How important is success in 2023 given how leveraged the Chargers are in 2024?

Chargers sign 6 players from 2023 draft class

The lone rookie to remain unsigned is second-round pick Tuli Tuipulotu.

Chargers pick up Justin Herbert’s fifth-year option

The Chargers have ensured contract control over Justin Herbert for the next two years.