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San Diego Chargers Game Day Open Threads

Los Angeles Chargers vs. New Orleans Saints Open Thread

Los Angeles Chargers at Arizona Cardinals Open Thread

The Chargers begin the preseason facing a familiar NFC West opponent.

Patriots-Eagles Super Bowl 2018: Open Thread

Minnesota Vikings at Philadelphia Eagles: Open Thread

Jacksonville Jaguars at New England Patriots: Open Thread

Chargers vs. Raiders Open Thread

The Chargers face a division rival in a quasi-away game with their playoff hopes on the line.

NFL Week 17 Afternoon Games Open Thread

Three of these games will help decide if the Chargers make the playoffs.

NFL Week 17 Morning Games Open Thread: Can Hue Jackson Lead the Browns to 0-16?

Los Angeles Chargers vs. New York Jets Open Thread

NFL Week 16 Morning Games Open Thread

Los Angeles Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs Open Thread

Los Angeles Chargers vs. Washington Redskins Open Thread

NFL Week 14 Morning Games Open Thread: Chiefs vs. Raiders

Los Angeles Chargers vs. Cleveland Browns Open Thread

NFL Week 13 Morning Games Open Thread

Discuss the morning games here while you wait for the Chargers to kick off.

NFL Week 12 Morning Games Open Thread

New York Giants at Washington Redskins Open Thread

The NFC East rivals face off in a game where the same outcome is in both teams’ interest.

Los Angeles Chargers at Dallas Cowboys Open Thread


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