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Somebody should really show these guys the wondrous new invention known as the phone.

Tomlinson is Unhappy with Trade Rumors


Seems to me that the Chargers are being raked over the coals simply for thinking about trading LT. They haven't come out and said anything bad about him publicly, but they're not going to come out and lie if they've yet to come to that conclusion. It's ridiculous for LT or anyone else to rip the Chargers for doing an assessment of their largest financial investment.

Drew Brees talked a bit about the Chargers, past and present, during his appearance on the Dan Patrick show this morning


-- Brees looked back at when he was in San Diego and the Chargers drafted Philip Rivers. Brees said that the situation in Green Bay was different than the situation in San Diego. Brett Favre would play as long as he wanted to play. Brees said the Chargers probably thought Rivers would beat him out immediately. It didn't turn out that way. -- Brees thinks his former teammate LaDainian Tomlinson has plenty of years left in him, even though he'll be 30. -- Brees thought Michael Turner might be good, but he didn't see enough of him in San Diego to know he was going to be this kind of star.

Rivera Set to Interview for Lions HC


Hopefully, they decide to go a different direction because I want Rivera back.

Chargers make coaching changes


Secondary coach Bill Bradley, tight end coach Clancy Barone, offensive line coach Jack Henry and assistant secondary/quality control coach Kevin Ross are all gone.

Taylor Mays Staying for Senior Year


What is happening with today's youth?

KSK: What in the flippin' G-D heck happened out there?


yes i post these every week. yes they hate on the chargers a little bit. but they hate in a highly hilarious way. highlights... Rivers: YOU’VE FALLEN FROM THE GRACE OF THE LASERFACE, TINY DARREN! and... Tomlinson: You had an injury. Yet you got better. How is this possible? Willie Parker: You try bike? Tomlinson: I tried bike. Parker: I suggest more bike. Tomlinson: Okay. Nice hat.