Case Against Merriman Given To District Attorney's Office


The case against San Diego Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman has been handed over to the San Diego County District Attorney's Office, 10News reported.

20 Million Comments: Fan Empowerment Realized - Blog Huddle

Yes, you read that right. SB Nation has officially surpassed 20 million comments across our 210 blogs over the last five plus years. I think this is cause for a big-time celebration because when this network launched in November of 2003, the goal was to bring fan discussion to the forefront of the sports conversation. I was that frustrated fan wondering why talking suits from Disney were deciding what I should be discussing. I had other things in mind. And truthfully, it's probably larger than 20 million since we switched platforms and weren't necessarily tracking all of them from the very beginning. But realistically, it's a magic number and I'm just happy that we have so many great writers across the network that helped inspire our communities to participate in record fashion. If you've been out there, lurking, just reading, don't be afraid to jump in and join the conversation. I think you'll find something for you no matter what your passion might be. Be a part of the next 20 million comments. And thanks for supporting SB Nation for so many years.

Madden 10, this game is back again. Some of you may recognize some of the scenery.


Madden 10, this game is back again. Some of you may recognize some of the scenery.

Raiders see Less of Seymour


It sounds like he doesn't want to play for Wild Al.

Open spot in BFTB 2 Fantasy Football league


Somebody must've dropped out today, because suddenly there's one opening in the BFTB 2 Fantasy Football league. First one to sign up and join this league (Password: norval) is in. Keep in mind that the Live Draft for this league is tonight at 9pm EST (6pm PST).

Merriman's accuser deletes her tweets |


Last night, Tila Tequila Nguyen went on a Twitter diatribe regarding the man who allegedly battered and falsely imprisoned her on Sunday morning. But the torrent of tweets regarding Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman has been deleted, presumably on advice of counsel. (Or maybe she was just drunk.) Thanks to the web site known as, however, the deleted entries can be viewed by entering Nguyen's Twitter handle, "OfficialTila." She vowed that she would address the situation on Tuesday, calling it "judgment day." It remains to be seen whether she follows through on her now-erased (sort of) promise. Expert Picks


Lots of experts are picking the Pats to go all the way. But we've got a few in our corner, as well as some liking Phil to get MVP honors. Notice Adam Schefter picked us to win it all. That guy is usually pretty sharp...

Patriots Deal Seymour to the Raiders


Wow, the Raiders just got a lot better. The Pats get a first round choice and free cap space. I wonder how the Raiders manage that with their cap numbers.

Silver Picks KC to Take AFC West


Seriously? Can I have a drag on that?

Sure, the Chargers are a tease with all that talent, but they have won three playoff games in the...


Sure, the Chargers are a tease with all that talent, but they have won three playoff games in the past two seasons, and only the New York Giants with their storybook 4-0 Super Bowl run in 2007 have won more. The Chargers shouldn't really break a sweat in making it four consecutive AFC West titles in a row -- and five out of six -- but they don't like to make things easy on themselves. San Diego's start could be tough, with games against Baltimore, Miami and Pittsburgh in the first month, but the Chargers will be there and be heard from in January once again.

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