Staley Talks Chargering


"There’s this Chargering, and there’s all these external factors that I know in my life, they’re just all excuses. They’re just all excuses. And so, all right, well, how do you change that? Well, you have to do things different. You have to have a different approach." -Brandon Staley

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New podcast.....should be interesting!


New podcast from The Athletic. First episode features Staley.

WATCH: Joey Bosa is NOT HAPPY, slams helmet in ground


The Chargers have gone from a 27-0 lead to 30-28 and Joey Bosa wants to give the refs more than just a piece of his mind for not calling a false start on the Jaguars touchdown play

Asante Samuel redeems Chargers by making playoff history


Samuel is only the second player in history to record at least 3 interceptions in a playoff game. The first: Vernon Perry picked off Dan Fouts four times in 1979.

Jalen Ramsey's deleted tweet on why he's rooting against Jaguars


"Disclaimer: I'm a fan of players but I know more players on the chargers so I'm naturally going for them!" Jalen Ramsey spent 4 years in Jacksonville but apparently still has more friends on the Chargers.