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Chargers Tournament of Terrible

TOT FINALS: Ryan Leaf or Marlon McCree?

The Finals of the Tournament of Terrible are finally here, and it's down the two that I think we all expected from the start.

TOT Semi-Final: Dan Fouts or Marlon McCree?

I suspect 2006 will carry the day since most of us were not born or were too young to remember the 1979 game, but this is a very closely matched contest.

TOT Semi-Final: Holy Roller or Ryan Leaf?

This semi-final matchup has one of the worst draft trades and draft picks ever going up against losing a regular season game without serious playoff implications.

TOT: Fouts' 4 picks or cutting Rodney?

In the only non-1v2 matchup in this round, we have a 1 seed taking on a 6 seed. Can cutting Rodney Harrison continue its improbably journey toward the finals? Probably not, but who knows with you people

TOT: Marlon McCree or Nate Kaeding?

Neither choosing the wrong Bobby nor an AFC Championship Game loss to the Raiders could keep these two from advancing.

TOT: Holy Roller or Fred Dean trade?

The Holy Roller bested the 1983 NFL Draft and the trade of Fred Dean was considered worse than the trade of Bambi.

TOT: Drafting Ryan Leaf or Merriman's Injury?

I hate Jeff Fisher about as much as I hate the memory of the Chargers drafting Ryan Leaf. This one could be close.

TOT: Titans hit Merriman or Super Bowl blow out?

Jeff Fisher is just the worst. I can't stand that guy. You should hate him, too.

TOT: Nate Kaeding or losing to the Raiders?

The truly amazing about this matchup of 2 vs 3 seeds is that neither qualified as a one seed.

TOT: Trading away Fred Dean or Lance Alworth?

It's a fun coincidence that this particular matchup of terrible moments is made up entirely of trades.

TOT: Cutting Rodney or the Denver comeback?

With a fairly substantial upset in the first round, the cutting of Rodney Harrison is actually the favorite over the Denver comeback.

TOT: Marlon McCree or picking the wrong Bobby?

Marlon McCree "bested" Tim Tebow and Bobby Beathard's continued employment was considered worse than a playoff loss. I'd say you guys got both of those right. What do you guys think about this next matchup?

TOT: Holy Roller or the 1983 NFL Draft

After the first round, the Holy Roller rolls on, but the 1983 NFL Draft upset Drew Brees' getting his shoulder ruined in a meaningless game.

TOT: Playoff loss to the Oilers or the Steelers?

Two playoff losses advanced from the first round and will meet in this one. Which will you pick as the worse moment?

TOT: Ryan Leaf or "Worst Day Ever"?

With NFL free agency calmed down, we return to our look back at the worst that was in San Diego Chargers history.

TOT: Voting closes tonight at midnight!

If you haven't voted yet, what are you waiting for?

TOT: 1-15 or the playoff loss in Pittsburgh?

And we finally come to the last matchup of the first round of our tournament.

TOT: Brees' shoulder or the 1983 NFL Draft?

We've finally made it to the 4 vs 5 seed matchups and there can barely be any favorites here. These should be "fun."

TOT: Picking the wrong Bobby or losing to Indy?

We've finally made it to the 4 vs 5 seed matchups and there can barely be any favorites here. These should be "fun.

TOT: Hochuli Game or "Worst Day Ever"?

The first 4 vs 5 is a pair of recent instances both of which still hurt to think about for too long.

TOT: 1980 AF Championship or 1964 AFL Title Loss?

There sure are a lot of sweet, sweet playoff failures to choose from. Oh, Chargers, why?

TOT: Freezer Bowl or Releasing Rodney Harrison?

And we're back today to finish up the 3 vs 6 seed matchups. First up: the Freezer Bowl vs. releasing Rodney Harrison.

TOT: 1965 AFL title game or trading Bambi?

Our 3 vs 6 seed matchup feature a lot of terrible moments that predate my birth, so several of these required more research than memory.

TOT: '92 Playoff Loss or '94 Super Bowl Loss?

Well, we're halfway through the first round of the Tournament of Terrible and personally I'm losing the will to live.

TOT: Kaeding's 3 misses or the 2010 special teams?

We close out our 2 vs 7 seed matchups with an all special teams failure.

TOT: First Jets playoff loss or Denver's comeback?

Yesterday we started the 2 vs 7 seed matchups and that's where we pick up today with the first Kaeding playoff experience and the 2012 Denver comeback.

TOT: Fred Dean traded away or blown out by Lions?

Our second 2 vs 7 matchup contrasts an ill advised trade and an epic collapse.

TOT: Titans wreck Merriman or All Day Peterson?

We're into the 2 vs 7 portion of the voting and we're gonna get it started with an embarrassing defensive effort and the beginning of the end of a great player's career.

TOT: The 1979 Oilers loss or the 2010 holdouts?

This is no contest. The 1979 team was arguably the best shot the Chargers had to win a Super Bowl and they blew it against an Oilers team missing most of its starting skill position players.

TOT: The Holy Roller or the 2010 loss to Cincy?

The Holy Roller was ugly and hateful, but that 2010 loss to the Bengals ruined a whole season. Tough call.

TOT: 2006 Marlon McCree vs. 2011 Tebow Time

Earlier today we began this painful process and now we continue with two relatively recent moments, one from 2006 and the other from 2011

Tournament of Terrible: 1st Rd - Leaf or 4th & 29?

Today we begin the painful process of revisiting the worst moments in Chargers history and voting on which moments were actually worse