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Chargers Stadium

Rams asked NFL for $500 million to offset financial concerns with SoFi

Cross-town rivals making sure things are as smooth as possible through this entire pandemic.

SoFi Stadium begins to see concert cancellations

Taylor Swift was going to headline the first concert ever at SoFi Stadium.

NFL discusses Chargers franchise viability in LA

Lower-than-expected seat sales could put strains on Inglewood Stadium.

The Los Angeles Chargers, Revisited

Dean Spanos’ decision will go down in history as one of the greatest acts of sports infamy ever. After some time to think things over, here’s a look at my collection of thoughts regarding the move.

REPORT: Chargers Will Announce They Are Moving to Los Angeles

Dean Spanos continues to be the worst owner in all of professional sports.

The NFL wants to keep the Chargers in San Diego

More signals are coming out that the NFL isn’t keen on two teams in Los Angeles and wants to keep the Chargers in San Diego

Will the NFL help the Chargers Stay in SD?

According to the San Diego Union Tribune’s Kevin Acee, San Diego has submitted a final offer. Is it enough?

Making Peace With the Inevitable

Dean Spanos may soon be forced to make billions of dollars in Los Angeles. And that’s Ok with me.

Soccer Despises Relocating Teams - Why Doesn't Football?

In soccer, relocating a team is unheard of - almost. Why is it so acceptable in the NFL?

REPORT: NFL Owners Approve Chargers and Rams Lease Agreement in Los Angeles

Well this doesn’t look good for keeping the team in San Diego.

San Diego Chargers Stadium: A Hail Mary for Mission Valley?

Four San Diego City Councilpersons are proposing a low-cost lease to the Chargers for the Mission Valley site

Resetting The Stadium Question, Again

Assuming the Chargers stay in San Diego beyond 2016, here’s some thoughts on what will happen next as it regards a replacement for Qualcomm Stadium

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Why I Voted No on Prop C

Member Afroamongfew provides a counterpoint to Jeff Siniard.

Why I’m Voting Yes on C

I don’t love Measure C. I know 2/3rds of voters wont say yes. Here’s why I’m voting yes anyway.

Before You Vote Yes on C

These are the second guesses and negative thoughts I’ve been tossing around in my mind regarding Measure C. Let’s discuss them.

Raiders Secure Funding for a Stadium in Las Vegas

The rumors and speculation were all confirmed today, when Nevada formally approved $750 million in public money for a new Raiders stadium in Las Vegas

Mayor Faulconer endorses Measure C

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer has formally announced his support for Measure C. What does it mean?

Debating Measure C

Earlier this afternoon, Point Loma Nazarene University hosted a debate about the economic benefits of Measure C. What did we learn?

STADIUM THEORY: Are the Chargers trying to get money from the Rams to stay in San Diego?

Who are the San Diego Chargers trying to scare with their leaked reports? And why? John Gennaro has a theory.

Former CSAG chairman Adam Day endorses stadium measure

Head of Mayor Faulconer’s 2015 Stadium Task Force has endorsed Measure C

Helping the Chargers Get Out the Vote on Measure C

It will be an almost-Sisyphean task to get two-thirds of San Diego voters to say yes. Here are my suggestions for how the team can get as close as possible to that threshold.

PODCAST: San Diego Chargers Stadium Debate

John Gennaro debates with Craig Elsten and John Browner on the pros and cons of the San Diego Chargers’ initiative for a downtown stadium.

New report harshly critical of Chargers' stadium plan

The San Diego Tourism Marketing District released a new report which is severely critical of the Chargers' Stadium Proposal.

Q&A with Barrios Against Stadiums

Bolts from the Blue recently reached out to Barrios Against Stadiums to determine why they were opposed to the Chargers downtown stadium proposal.

PODCAST: How has the Chargers stadium situation changed?

The San Diego Chamber of Commerce is on board with the Chargers’ plan to build a stadium downtown. What does that mean? John Gennaro and Jeff Siniard try to explain in this podcast.

SD Chamber of Commerce Supports Chargers

The San Diego Chamber of Commerce has voted to support the Chargers Stadium Plan. According to the media announcement, there will be a press conference at Chargers Park at 11:00 AM today where they will formally announce their support for the project.

Stadium Dreaming

Reality is annoying. Let’s dream about what could be instead.

Chargers stadium campaign begins

The first of many community meetings held by the Chargers to campaign for their downtown stadium plan happened today.

Chargers stadium officially on November ballot

The Chargers' Initiative Qualifies for the November ballot with an estimated 78,964 valid signatures.

Polling Casts Gloom Over the Chargers Stadium

Yes, it's a poll conducted almost 3 months ago. Yes, it is based on the June primary. But the results portend trouble for the Chargers Stadium Initiative.

Carl DeMaio’s “No Tax” Stadium Plan Doesn’t Work

Instead of offering real solutions in a timely manner which actually stand a chance of resulting in a new stadium in San Diego, former City Councilman Carl DeMaio releases a plan for chasing unicorns.

Chargers Submit Signatures for Stadium Vote

The Chargers have submitted over 110,000 signatures to the San Diego City Clerk, with the intent of placing their downtown stadium proposal on the November ballot.

Report: Downtown or Bust for the Chargers

According to a report, the Chargers will not consider pivoting back to Mission Valley if their plans for downtown don't come through.

Legit Questions About the Chargers' Stadium Plan

Scott Sherman, current City Councilman for San Diego’s 7th district, just put out a paper questioning important parts of the Chargers’ downtown stadium plan. Do his questions hold water?

Raiders to Vegas? Does it help the Chargers?

Catching up on some of the big Raiders news regarding a potential move to Las Vegas, and how it could impact the Chargers’ attempts to stay in San Diego past 2017.

Recapping the San Diego Chargers Signature Drive

The San Diego Chargers brought out the big guns to kick off their signature-gathering efforts, which included an unlikely spokesperson in NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.


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