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Chargers Poll Question

Chargers Poll: How many games will the Chargers win in 2022?

Let your voice be heard!

Chargers Draft Vote: Biggest Need

What will ultimately be the pick on day one?

Fans are all-in on Herbert, but lack confidence in Lynn

The fans have spoken in Week 10.

Before and After: Your thoughts after the Chiefs game

We’ll be comparing our thoughts before and after the game. How much difference can one match-up make?

Should the Chargers pay or trade Melvin Gordon?

Poll results: Chiefs are heavy favorites to win AFC West

With the Chargers out and no good options available, who are you rooting for in AFC Championship Game?

And yes, it’s wrong to root for a meteor, I guess.

Who is the Chargers’ Biggest Rival?

SB Nations NFL FanPulse Survey as you, we have the answers.

Poll: What is your favorite nickname for the Chargers defense?

As submitted by the community!

Boltman Is Retiring, Auctioning Off Suit and Character

Meet the 7 New Los Angeles Chargers Players

NFL Draft Grades 2018: Chargers’ Fans Give Justin Jones Pick a ‘B’

NFL Draft Grades 2018: Chargers’ Fans Give Uchenna Nwosu Pick a ‘B’

NFL Draft Grades 2018: Derwin James Pick Gets an ‘A’

Bolts From The Blue readers are rightfully in a good mood this morning.

The Chargers Should Trade for Odell Beckham Jr

If OBJ is actually on the block, the Chargers should be on the phone trying to get a deal done.

Danny Woodhead Is a Free Agent and at Least One Member of the Chargers Wants Him Back

Which Big Name Free Agent Should the Chargers Be Willing to Pay?

Who Will Win Super Bowl LII?

Who Had the Most Disappointing Season for the Chargers?

Conference Championship Sunday: Who are you rooting for?

Playoff Predictions: Could That Other Los Angeles Team Win the Super Bowl?

Did the Chargers Have a Successful Season?

Will the Los Angeles Chargers Win the AFC West?

Poll: How Many Games Do the Chargers Need to Win for this Season to Be a Success?

Will Mike Williams Have 1000 Yards Receiving This Season for the Los Angeles Chargers?

Let’s take a look at how the rookie will fare this season.

Poll: Should The Chargers Sign Eddie Royal?

Will the Chargers Sign Mike Williams Before Training Camp?

Should the Chargers Trade Dontrelle Inman or Tyrell Williams?

POLL: Which Top 10 Receiver Will Have the Worst Rookie Year?

Poll Results: Chargers Should Wait Until Day 3 To Draft a Running Back

A somewhat surprising majority favored waiting until day three to address the running back position.

What Would You Give up for Seahawks CB Richard Sherman in a Trade?

The Seahawks seem willing to trade their star corner, but what would he be worth to the Chargers?

Chargers Still Have Joe Mixon on Their Draft Board, but Should They?

He’s a talented player, but is he worth the trouble?

Poll: Should the Chargers Draft a Running Back?

Let us know what you think the Chargers should do about their lack of running back depth.

Poll: How Would You Grade the Chargers' Offseason So Far?

It's still incredibly early, but a lot has happened. Let us know how you feel about it.

Should the Chargers sign Jamaal Charles?

The Kansas City Chiefs proved ready to give up on the illustrious career of Jamaal Charles, but should their loss be the gain of the Los Angeles Chargers?

What is the Los Angeles Chargers Biggest Offseason Need?

The Chargers have a lot of needs to address, but which is the most important?