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Chargers History

A detailed history of the Chargers.

Chargers Legend Spotlight: Dan Fouts

Relive the story of Dan Fouts' up-and-down career, both in college and in the NFL, and find out how he became the greatest QB in San Diego Chargers history once he met Don Coryell.

2007 Chargers: The Greatest Backfield of All Time

The 2007 season is often remembered by San Diego Chargers fans for what could have been. Easily forgotten is that it featured the greatest backfield combination of all time.

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The Curious Case of Al Saunders

A review of the oft forgotten career of the San Diego Chargers 7th Head Coach.

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14 Games That Make Being A Chargers Fan Worthwhile

A massive 24 game list (Top 14, plus another 10 honorable mentions) of the greatest Chargers games of the last 30 years.

A Fresh Look at the San Diego Chargers' History

By eschewing win totals, and using different types of win percentage, we can compare Chargers teams from 1960 all the way through to 2013.

Greatest Chargers Playoff Wins: #1

It was also one of the most unlikely wins in franchise history with the Bolts having to beat an excellent team in a city where they seemed to never win, against a team the Chargers have rarely beaten.

The Epic in Miami was one of the best games ever

The "Epic in Miami" goes beyond being a great game in Charger history to stand on its own as one of the greatest football games ever played. My #2 selection for this list is also the high water mark for the Air Coryell teams of 1979 through 1982 and

Greatest Chargers Playoff Wins: Champions!!

If you can remember this game, you are collecting social security. Two Hall of Fame players, a coach that changed the way everyone played the game, and perfect execution of a superb game plan. This is the story of how it all came together.

Greatest Chargers Playoff Wins: 2007 vs. Colts

After their first playoff win since January 1995, the Chargers have to go on the road in the divisional round. Waiting for them in Indianapolis is the league's best defense under Tony Dungy and the offense of Peyton Manning.

Greatest Chargers Playoff Wins: 1980 Buffalo Bills

In 18 of the Chargers 54 seasons, the Chargers have gotten to play in the post-season. Their playoff record is 10-16. Which 5 of the wins have been the greatest? We start with the 5 greatest, back in the Air Coryell days of the early 80's.

Charging Back: Chargers vs Dolphins 2011

Relive the last time the Chargers and Dolphins played each other, this game being week 4 of the 2011 season when the Chargers moved to 3-1 after a 26-16 victory.

How bad was the Chargers' 2009 Draft?

Taking a look back at the 2009 NFL Draft. This was the second most maligned draft by A.J. Smith. Is that fair?

The birth of Air Coryell

Don Coryell takes over the team that Prothro built and December of 1978 puts the league on notice that the Chargers were about to change the way the game was played. Again.

Life of a Sports Fan, Part 1: Falling In Love

Everyone has a unique story of how and why they follow sports teams, or the way they do it. Here is Jason Peters' story about falling in love with the San Diego Chargers.

The unholy roller results in another lost season

Fouts comes back, the Bolts get an improbable win and avoid their eighth losing season in a row. The unholy roller dooms Prothro and the 1978 season.

Chargers nearly drove Fouts out of the NFL in '77

Bill Walsh takes over as offensive coordinator and Dan Fouts turns the corner. The rookies of 1975 start to become stars in the league. And then the front office craps the bed again.

Chargers History: Reclaiming Greatness

The core of the next great Chargers teams are acquired during mid-1970's. Coach Prothro starts the much needed rebuild, featuring a 1975 draft that was one of the best (if not THE best) drafts in Charger history.

Drugs & Hookers: Chargers' Disastrous 1973 Season

Blowout losses. A fan riot after a 41-0 loss at home to a bad team. A head coach quitting in the middle of the season. The team's shrink prescribing dope in the locker room. Murphy's Law reigns in Murphy Canyon.

Welcome to the 1970's and the AFC West cellar.

A new coach every year, some years even two. Bad drafts and bad trades for used up players. The only thing that could have made it worse is if disco had already been invented.

Sid Gilman's Chargers forced the league to evolve

The AFL started professional football down the road to the modern game of today. The team that was the class of the AFL forced the entire league to follow its example and ushered in offensive and defensive football that we enjoy today.

Why did the playoff drought start in 1966?

They were not bad teams, but the Charger teams of the late '60's were not quite good enough to win out over the improving divisional rivals.

History: Jack Kemp's Revenge

The Chargers try to defend their 1963 "World Championship" and then return to the Championship Game in 1965. The Buffalo Bills, with a familiar face playing quarterback, stand in the way both times.

Chargers History, Part 5: The 1963 Championship

SDNativeinTX tells the story of the San Diego Chargers' one and only "World Championship."

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Chargers History: "I could not do that before"

The story of the 1963 season started in an obscure Louisiana High School 8 years before, at the 1960 Olympic Games, and in the Balboa Stadium training room during 1962.

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Chargers History: From Champion to Cellar-Dweller

Following the years rife with success, the Chargers fell on some hard times.

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Chargers History: Packing Bags for San Diego

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Chargers History: "In the Beginning"


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