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Chargers Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar - Dec. 25: Philip Rivers is DEFINITELY heading to Canton

Advent Calendar - Dec. 24: Derwin James, the early Christmas present

Chargers Advent Calendar: 12/22/1963 – The Chargers record 58 points against Denver (team high)

The game where the Chargers scored all the points.

Chargers Advent Calendar - Dec. 19: A history of Chargers vs. Broncos

Chargers Advent Calendar - Dec. 17: San Diego is saved by Butts

Always looking for a crack in the defense

Chargers Advent Calendar - Dec. 14: The only team fined for dubious towel usage

The Chargers own the most terrible towel on Earth

Chargers Advent Calendar - Dec. 13: A History of Chargers Vs. Chiefs

Or, as they were originally known.. the Dallas Texans!

Chargers Advent Calendar - Dec. 12: Kellen Winslow loses 13lbs in one day

A recap of the Epic in Miami

Chargers Advent Calendar - Dec. 11: Inglewood Stadium

Chargers Advent Calendar - Dec. 10: New football leagues!

There’s a lot of football coming to Southern California

Chargers Advent Calendar - Dec. 9: A History of Chargers Vs. Bengals

This Chargers and Bengals game has a little bit more significance than most matchups for Ruben J. Gonzalez

Chargers Advent Calendar - Dec. 8: Gee, Whiz! 2018 appears to be Whisenhunt’s year

Advent Calendar - Dec. 7: A date which shall live in infamy

Nothing like a good ol’ 4th and 30 to soothe the soul

Advent Calendar - Dec. 6: LaDainian Tomlinson owns EVERY major franchise career rushing stat...except one

Advent Calendar - Dec. 5: Philip Rivers owns EVERY franchise career passing stat.. except one

Chargers Advent Calendar - Dec. 4: The last successful free kick in the NFL

Chargers Advent Calendar - Dec. 3: December Football is Coming Back!

Advent Calendar - Dec 2: A History of Chargers Vs. Steelers

December 1: Kicking the Kicker Woes

We spend a whole month looking forward to the wonderful presents that December can bring!

Advent Calendar - Dec. 25 - The Tragic Hope of an 0-4 Start

One of the finest, and cruelest, gifts that the Chargers have given.. is the hope held even with an 0-4 start

Advent Calendar - Dec. 24 - Playoff Wins

Hey, let’s focus on the good stuff!

Advent Calendar - Dec. 23 - Philip Rivers

It’s time to focus on the man, the myth, the dad of 8

Advent Calendar - Dec. 22 - Super Bowl XXIX

Advent Calendar - Dec. 21 - Small Markets?

No one is really sure if the Chargers are a small market team or big market any more

Advent Calendar - Dec. 20 - Schadenfreude

Advent Calendar - Dec. 19 - 09.29.02

LaDainian Tomlinson TORCHES the Patriots

Advent Calendar - Dec. 18 - The Quaint Charm of Jack Murphy Stadium

O, Qualcomm All Ye Faithful

Advent Calendar: Dec. 17 - The Logo Debacle

Remember that time the Chargers tried to pawn off a new logo?? LOL!

Advent Calendar: Dec. 16 - The Raiders and Broncos

As the Chargers gear up for the Chiefs, what about their suddenly lesser adversaries?

Advent Calendar - Dec. 15 - The First Football Team in San Diego

Hint: It wasn’t the Chargers who were playing in 1940

Advent Calendar: Dec. 14 - Drew Brees

Many fans still don’t know what to think about Brees. Click the link and I’ll tell you exactly what to think.

Advent Calendar: Dec. 13 - Philip Rivers and his Sick New Wheels

You’d better believe Rodgers and Brady put in their order

Advent Calendar: Dec. 12 - Passionate Fans

NFL hath no fury like a fan scorned.

Advent Calendar - Dec. 11: The Birth of the Chargers

Advent Calendar: Dec. 10 - April 21, 2001

The San Diego Chargers trade DOWN to get Ladainian Tomlinson

Advent Calendar: Dec. 9 - The BOLT

Did this mysterious bolt just pop up out of the blue??