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Five Broncos Questions with Mile High Report

Heading into today's game between the Denver Broncos and San Diego Chargers, we wanted to get to know these Broncos better. For that, I received some help from Mile High Report's MrEast.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

1. Compare the 2013 Denver Broncos to the 2012 Denver Broncos.

That's a really tricky question. On paper, they don't appear to be too different of teams. In reality though, the biggest difference on the offensive side is the line. Losing Dan Koppen and Ryan Clady for the year really sucks. Defensively, this team has had a hard time getting into a rhythm. Last season everyone was pretty healthy and they formed that chemistry early on. With all of the injuries, and not having Von Miller for the first six games, it was really hard for them to form an identity. Hopefully as the season progresses they can solidify like they did last year.

2. How did the Colts beat this Broncos after losing to the Chargers?

Any given Sunday. Seriously though, before the loss every team brought their "A game" when playing Denver. Everyone wanted to be the team to knockoff the Broncos, so every game was that much more of a challenge. The Peyton back to Indy hype was huge. Also, Chris Clark got his lunch eaten by Robert Mathis all day.

3. It seems as though the Broncos get off to slow starts sometimes, keeping it close against the Redskins and Jaguars in recent weeks until building a lead in the 4th quarter. What, if anything, has been identified as the cause of that?

This problem could be a bit of what I mentioned above. When everyone knows they have to play their hearts out the game usually can be very close. It's similar to college football, the underdog can keep it close for a half or so and then eventually their talent catches up to them. However, the Broncos can be very conservative in their play calling early on. They dial it up the offense once they need to, and that usually puts the game away.

4. Which rookie should Chargers fans be looking for on Sunday?

Number 36, Kayvon Webster. Not many people were high on this kid coming out of the draft. He was seen as a physical specimen, but probably not a good cover corner. He has been nothing but solid so far this season. With the top two corners injured for the Dallas game, Webster was forced to cover Dez Bryant on a couple plays. When faced with this challenge he forced a fumble on Bryant and held his own.

5. Has the offense changed at all since losing Mike McCoy to the Chargers? Is there any concern that, with McCoy and Ron Milus on the Chargers staff, the Chargers could have the upper-hand in terms of gameplanning?

Well, if Peyton Manning didn't change the signals every five seconds there would be some concern. There's always the possibility, but it hasn't helped Dennis Allen out at all yet.