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BFTB Videos

Video Breakdown: Michael Bandy Whip Route TD

2019 BFTB Live NFL Draft Show day 2

2 more rounds of fun

4th Annual BFTB Live Draft Show

You’re welcome

VIDEO BREAKDOWN: Mike Williams two-point conversion

The Re-Charge Week 11: Denver Broncos

This week The Lightning Round Podcast host, Jamie Hoyle, joins the show to give his thoughts and help you get Re-Charged for this week’s game against the Denver Broncos

The Re-Charge Week 10: Oakland Raiders

This week Kyle Posey joins the show to help you get Re-Charged for this weekend’s matchup with the Oakland Raiders.

The Re-Charge Week 9: Seahawks

The Re-Charge is back with another show to get you ready for the game vs the Seattle Seahawks!

The Re-Charge Week 6: Cleveland Browns

Ruben and Stanley are back to give you your weekly Re-Charge

The Re-Charge Week 5

Matthew and Ruben are back to get you Re-Charged for this weekend’s game between the Chargers and Raiders!

The Re-Charge Week 4

The quick hitting Los Angeles Chargers rundown show is back for another installment.

The Re-Charge Week 3

Take a look as the guys look back at the Chargers and Buffalo game and preview the showdown vs the Rams.

The Re-Charge Week 1

Matthew and Ruben are back for another season of The Re-Charge! Take a look at this edition as they quickly go through the rundown including a preview of this week’s game vs the Kansas City Chiefs.

2018 Chargers preseason game 3 live BFTB commentary

Come watch the game with us

VIDEO BREAKDOWN: All The Areas Derwin James Upgrades the Chargers Defense

What will Derwin James role be on Defense?

BFTB Live 7 Round Mock Draft Podcast

The BFTB Staff makes the 7 draft picks for the Chargers.

Lamar Jackson: The Quarterback You Will Regret Passing On

Kyle Posey made an in-depth video on Lamar Jackson.

VIDEO: Every Pass Breakup and Interception from Casey Hayward in 2017

VIDEO BREAKDOWN: Hunter Henry’s touchdown against Washington

The Re-Charge Week 13

The Chargers gear up for another December run, and Stanley and Ruben are back to recap and preview.

VIDEO BREAKDOWN: Isolating Keenan Allen & Distracting Defenses

VIDEO BREAKDOWN: Casey Hayward INT on Thanksgiving

Let’s take a look at Casey Hayward’s 4th Quarter interception.

VIDEO-Chargers vs. Browns preview: The only Chance the Browns have

VIDEO BREAKDOWN: Keenan Allen TD on Thanksgiving

Let’s take a look at the 42 yard TD from Keenan Allen

The Re-Charge Week 11

On to the next one...

The Re-Charge Week 10

The guys preview the Jags game, dishing out some mid-season awards to boot.

The Re-Charge Week 8

Playoffs!?!? Stanley and Ruben are back after another big Chargers win!

The Re-Charge Week 6

Back by somewhat popular demand!

The Re-Charge Week 3

The Chargers sit at 0-2, and The Re-Charge team is back to recap and look forward.

The Re-Charge Week 2

This week, Ruben and Stanley recap the MNF game and preview the Dolphins matchup.

The Re-Charge Launches

BFTB is excited to help launch a new L.A Chargers multi-media platform.

LIVE: Preseason Week 1 - Seahawks vs. Chargers (Watch the Game with Us)

Come hang with us online while watching the Chargers game today.

BFTB Live Video Draft Show

Come watch the draft live from your computer with some writers from Bolts from the Blue.

Bolts On Tap: Life after Danny Woodhead

Ben Higgins and John Gennaro broadcasted live from a bar in downtown San Diego to discuss the Chargers’ win over the Jacksonville Jaguars and the loss of Danny Woodhead to a torn ACL.

Football Is Back!

Well...almost back. Okay, fine, it’s still 26 hours away.

LIVE: Answering San Diego Chargers Questions Before Training Camp

John Gennaro is taking your Chargers questions LIVE just a few days ahead of the opening of Training Camp.

LIVE: BFTB's 2016 NFL Draft Coverage

The guys from BFTB are flipping on their webcams so that you can watch them as they watch the 2016 NFL Draft.


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