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The Keenan Allen Effect: A Tale of 2 Halves

How Charger offensive efficiency changed once Keenan Allen went down. Could Gordan have saved the game?

Do Mike McCoy’s 4th Downs Haunt the Chargers?

A breakdown of 4th down decision making week1 at Kansas City

James Jones: A Statistical Breakdown

What kind of career has Jones had, and what can we expect at age 32?

A spotlight on Philip Rivers’ career

A look at how Rivers rates among his peers, and among all-time QBs.

Chargers injuries: Most valuable missed games

Which offensive weapon’s absence most hurt the team’s offensive capability?

Greatest receivers part 2: their quarterbacks

We find out who was catching beautiful spirals, and who was catching wounded ducks.

Mike McCoy's margins of victory

Just how close (or not) have Chargers games REALLY been under Mike McCoy?

Who was the greatest Chargers receiver in franchise history?

Uppercut takes a statistical look at top Chargers receivers throughout franchise history.

Do 'impact plays' truly impact the defense?

Do highlight plays make a defense, and do the Chargers need more of them?

Who is the Chargers all-time sack king?

Andy takes a look across eras at Charger pass rushers.