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Hey BFTB community. I'm Ryan and I've recently joined up with the BFTB staff to be a part time writer for site content. So I thought I'd give a bit more background about myself: Biggest thing out of the way; I'm from England, more specifically a town called Hertford (not the one in Connecticut) and my full time job is running my own business as an Architect. I'm a huge sports fan, my wife often says I could sit there from Friday night to Monday morning and somehow never be without a sport, she's wrong though as I could probably do it all week! The sports I spend the most time on are Football, Soccer, Basketball and Horse Racing... with some time leftover for Cricket, Rugby and Tennis. I played Football at university for 4 years and have coached for another 4 years since, I am the DB coach for the London Blitz one of the UKs top amateur teams. I also produce analytical pieces for a YouTube channel called Thinking Football, I look at the cornerback position in particular for them. I'm a dad to a 1 year old boy, you should remember this post as I'm committed to getting him to be the chargers kicker by the 2042 season. Think that's about my life story so I'll end it there!

Derwin James leaves 4th quarter with an injury

Derwin James was seen on the sideline with ice wrapped on his thigh

Mike Williams hurt in the 3rd Quarter

Mike Williams was hurt at the end of a catch and run

Chargers Injury Update: Sebastian Joseph-Day returns to play

The starting defensive lineman was off the field during the first quarter but has re-entered the game.

3 storylines to follow for Chargers-Vikings

Can Justin Herbert and the Chargers finally finish a game against a team that’s also struggling to put four complete quarters together?

BFTB Roundtable: Chargers vs. Vikings Week 3 score predictions

Our staff is torn this week after a slow 0-2 start for the Chargers.

Chargers make roster moves ahead of Week 3

The Bolts have made three roster moves ahead of their Week Three trip to Minnesota.

3 winners, 6 losers from the Chargers’ loss to the Titans

The Chargers put up another fight, this time taking the Titans to overtime. But once again, the offense fell flat at the end.

BFTB Roundtable: Chargers vs. Titans Week 2 score predictions

The BFTB staff is all-in on the Chargers in the season road opener.

3 storylines to follow for Chargers-Titans

The Chargers and Justin Herbert have an excellent chance to get the passing game going against the Titans.

Chargers Injuries: Mike Williams returns to field after head injury

The star wideout was hurt during a play in the second quarter.