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Here's Why You Should Root For Mike Hermann

Last week, the San Diego Chargers signed undrafted free agent QB Mike Hermann. Mike Hermann the football player is impressive, but let me tell you why Mike Hermann the person is even better.

A History of Offensive Tackles Picked at #11

The Chargers selected D.J. Flucker with the 11th overall pick in this year's draft. Let me tell you why history seems to be on their side.

Timeline: David Chao's Chaotic Past

Although Chargers team doctor David Chao has been cleared after an NFLPA request for review of his qualifications, his past speaks for itself. The Chargers should fire Chao before something franchise-altering happens.

The Chargers Should Draft Tavon Austin at 11

Tavon Austin could prove to be just the player the Chargers and Philip Rivers need most right now.