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Chargers to be Stronger at Strong Safety

Why Marcus Gilchrist should be an upgrade over Atari Bigby this season for the San Diego Chargers.

Keeping Tabs: A Chiefs Fan embarrasses himself

What Peyton Manning and Eric Decker did to make sure Orlando Franklin never forgets his first baseball game, how a Chiefs fan took his Chiefs Flag Warrior tryout a little too seriously and Chris Kluwe is at it again with Google Glass.

AFC West: Training Camp Edition

Why Mike McCoy's successor in Denver might be an upgrade, how the Chiefs could set a world record this season and the awesomeness that is Chris Kluwe using Google glass to record himself punting.

Revisiting Eric Weddle's Contract

A look back on what everyone had to say two years ago, why Weddle was such a safe bet for the San Diego Chargers and how he stacks up against Ed Reed and Troy Polamalu.

Five Things Chargers Fans Should Watch for in 2013

Here's five things all Chargers fans should be paying close attention to for the upcoming season.

Why the New Offense Could Fix Rivers

A new offense is taking shape in San Diego, and the numbers show why it could be exactly what Rivers needed all along.

Keeping Tabs on the AFC West

BFTB writers tell you how scary it is that Peyton felt like a rookie last season, how you can score some Chiefs season tickets and how Terrelle Pryor will probably never recommend that you trade your Big Ten Championship ring for a tattoo.

AFC West: Jammer, Alex Smith, and Charles Woodson

BFTB writers wonder about a certain fan's opinion that the Broncos pillaged the Chargers' roster this offseason, the food in the Eagles' and Chiefs' cafeterias, and the decision to fire Zak Gilbert in Oakland.

A Review of Eric Weddle's Book

I recently read Eric Weddle's book. Let me tell you about some of my favorite parts and how it turned me into one of his biggest fans.

Predicting the San Diego Chargers' Final 53

It's never too early to start guessing what the San Diego Chargers' roster will look like come September.