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Pay This Man His Money!

You know Louis Gorini had to get into this Melvin Gordon contract debate. His opinion might shock you.

The Mock of All Mocks

We’re in the endgame now. Louis Gorini reveals his annual mock draft.

Comparing Chargers draft targets to Avengers Endgame characters

Are you a Chargers fan? Obsessed with the NFL draft? Can’t wait to see Avengers Endgame? Then Louis Gorini has the perfect article for you!!

Grading the Chargers off-season moves

As the first wave of free agency has passed, Louis Gorini grades the recent moves of the Los Angeles Chargers

Three reasons why the Chargers avoid defensive tackles in round 1 of the NFL Draft

Sorry Chargers fans, L.A. will not be drafting a defensive tackle in round 1 and Louis Gorini explains why

Players on the chopping block that could help the Chargers

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Louis Gorini breaks down which potential player cuts could have the Chargers dumpster diving for value this offseason.

Chargers should trade for Jalen Ramsey

Louis Gorini breaks down the how and why Jalen Ramsey can become a Charger. Is he a crazy conspiracy theorist or a mad genius?

Chargers Fans, Are You Ready to Go All in for a QB?

Chargers fans, you want the QB of the future? What are you willing to give up to get him? Louis Gorini examines the possible price tag for L.A. to move up

Positional Targets for Chargers in First Round of 2018 NFL Draft

Louis Gorini analyzes which positions the L.A. Chargers need to address in the first round of next years NFL Draft

Chargers Facing a Crossroads in the Second Half

Louis Gorini identifies which players could be auditioning to remain with L.A. after the 2017 season.