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Guest Column from an unknown player. FUN!

What does a day in the life of a top college player look like? This guy has no idea, but he gets sweet discounts. So there's that.

2014 NFL Draft: A Pocket Dictionary

What do these terms mean? What do they say? Why do they say them? Do you like Spartacus? Read on to see the definition of a few popular NFL Draft-related sayings.

NFL Implements "Belichick Rule"

The NFL has taken celebration to task in a big way with the "Bellichick Rule", barring any emotion whatsoever.

GUEST COLUMN: Charles, the Evil Chargers Fan

Ever wonder what a true rabid fan might want the Chargers to do? Well, Charles has deigned give his two cents.

Can the Chargers build a "dynasty"?

There's no Morgan Fairchild on the team so do the San Diego Chargers have the tools needed to build a modern NFL dynasty?

Whitehurst brings "Football" to America

How did football come to America? What does the King of Sweden have to do with anything and how come unqualified people still feel the need to do things they shouldn't? These questions and more are answered in part 2 of the history of football.

My Draft Advice to Tom Telesco. You're Welcome

I've won the Super Bowl 22 years straight. I'm a professional. Here is my advice to make Tom Telesco a sure in for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

A History Lesson for Non-Football Fans: Part 1

A football lesson for non football fans about why they should enjoy the offseason.

Chargers Look to Unknowns for Situational Help

The Chargers don't feel they're scraping the bottom of the barrel with this trio of unknowns. After all, everyone was unknown at one point or another.

An exclusive interview with Mike McCoy

San Diego Chargers head coach Mike McCoy (kind of) sits down for an exclusive one-on-one interview with BFTB's Jesse Hayner to discuss Ken Whisenhunt, and his aggressiveness on fourth down.