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Corey Liuget Designs Shirt for Game Against Chiefs

Corey Liuget co-designed a t-shirt for this Sunday's match-up against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Chargers Show Love to Fans Through Social Media

A recap of off-season tweets and Instagram posts from Charger players signifies their love for San Diego and their fans.

Chargers Host Kids Football Camp

San Diego Chargers give back to "the future" of San Diego as host of an NFL Play 60 Character Camp for kids.

Charger Girls Auditions: Meet girls from Day 1

Each year, the San Diego Chargers hold open tryouts when searching for new cheerleaders. Get to know a few "Charger Girl" hopefuls from the first round of auditions.

Chargers PR Director Seeks to Cure Wife's Disease

The wife of Bill Johnston, Chargers Public Relations Director, has been living with Huntington's Disease (HD) for over a decade. Since her diagnosis, he's advocated for educating others about HD and finding a cure.

Little Fam, Big Fans - BFTB's New Street Team

Introducing the Littles and their plan to provide BFTB with warm and fuzzy stories about the Chargers in the community. Awww...