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Stadium Dreaming

Reality is annoying. Let’s dream about what could be instead.

Chargers stadium campaign begins

The first of many community meetings held by the Chargers to campaign for their downtown stadium plan happened today.

Chargers stadium officially on November ballot

The Chargers' Initiative Qualifies for the November ballot with an estimated 78,964 valid signatures.

Polling Casts Gloom Over the Chargers Stadium

Yes, it's a poll conducted almost 3 months ago. Yes, it is based on the June primary. But the results portend trouble for the Chargers Stadium Initiative.

Carl DeMaio’s “No Tax” Stadium Plan Doesn’t Work

Instead of offering real solutions in a timely manner which actually stand a chance of resulting in a new stadium in San Diego, former City Councilman Carl DeMaio releases a plan for chasing unicorns.

Chargers Submit Signatures for Stadium Vote

The Chargers have submitted over 110,000 signatures to the San Diego City Clerk, with the intent of placing their downtown stadium proposal on the November ballot.

Report: Downtown or Bust for the Chargers

According to a report, the Chargers will not consider pivoting back to Mission Valley if their plans for downtown don't come through.

Legit Questions About the Chargers' Stadium Plan

Scott Sherman, current City Councilman for San Diego’s 7th district, just put out a paper questioning important parts of the Chargers’ downtown stadium plan. Do his questions hold water?

Raiders to Vegas? Does it help the Chargers?

Catching up on some of the big Raiders news regarding a potential move to Las Vegas, and how it could impact the Chargers’ attempts to stay in San Diego past 2017.

Did the Citizen's Plan kill the Chargers' Stadium?

Cory Briggs appears to have negotiated a settlement with the downtown hotels which comprise the Tourism Marketing District. What does this mean for the Chargers' Stadium Initiative?