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Why Mike McCoy Should’ve Gone for the 4th and 1

It’s hard to fault Mike McCoy for taking a high percentage opportunity to tie the Raiders. Here’s why I disagree.

Mayor Faulconer endorses Measure C

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer has formally announced his support for Measure C. What does it mean?

Debating Measure C

Earlier this afternoon, Point Loma Nazarene University hosted a debate about the economic benefits of Measure C. What did we learn?

Film Study - Travis Benjamin Gets a Free Big Play

In which the Jacksonville Jaguars provide an example of why it's usually a bad idea for veteran inside linebackers to cover speedy wide receivers in the open field.

Mike McCoy and 4th Quarters: What The Hell?

Week 1 gave Chargers' fans a 3rd brutal come from ahead to lose season opener under Head Coach Mike McCoy. Let's take a look at the Chargers' 4th quarter performance under his watch.

Helping the Chargers Get Out the Vote on Measure C

It will be an almost-Sisyphean task to get two-thirds of San Diego voters to say yes. Here are my suggestions for how the team can get as close as possible to that threshold.

Bosa situation is part of a decades-old pattern for Chargers

There’s a lot of Chargers’ fans who are insisting that 1st round draft pick Joey Bosa end his holdout and acquiesce to the Chargers’ demands. Those fans are wrong.

New report harshly critical of Chargers' stadium plan

The San Diego Tourism Marketing District released a new report which is severely critical of the Chargers' Stadium Proposal.

Q&A with Barrios Against Stadiums

Bolts from the Blue recently reached out to Barrios Against Stadiums to determine why they were opposed to the Chargers downtown stadium proposal.

SD Chamber of Commerce Supports Chargers

The San Diego Chamber of Commerce has voted to support the Chargers Stadium Plan. According to the media announcement, there will be a press conference at Chargers Park at 11:00 AM today where they will formally announce their support for the project.