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Tears In Rain

And now the end.

Will the NFL help the Chargers Stay in SD?

According to the San Diego Union Tribune’s Kevin Acee, San Diego has submitted a final offer. Is it enough?

Making Peace With the Inevitable

Dean Spanos may soon be forced to make billions of dollars in Los Angeles. And that’s Ok with me.

San Diego Chargers Stadium: A Hail Mary for Mission Valley?

Four San Diego City Councilpersons are proposing a low-cost lease to the Chargers for the Mission Valley site

38th Annual Chargers Blood Drive

Forget about stadiums and tough losses for one day. Donate blood, meet some players/coaches, and save lives

Resetting The Stadium Question, Again

Assuming the Chargers stay in San Diego beyond 2016, here’s some thoughts on what will happen next as it regards a replacement for Qualcomm Stadium

Why I’m Voting Yes on C

I don’t love Measure C. I know 2/3rds of voters wont say yes. Here’s why I’m voting yes anyway.

Before You Vote Yes on C

These are the second guesses and negative thoughts I’ve been tossing around in my mind regarding Measure C. Let’s discuss them.

About Any Given Wednesday’s Measure C Piece

HBO’s Bill Simmons let loose with a tirade urging San Diegans to vote against Measure C. Should we care?

Raiders Secure Funding for a Stadium in Las Vegas

The rumors and speculation were all confirmed today, when Nevada formally approved $750 million in public money for a new Raiders stadium in Las Vegas