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I like monkeys and the San Diego Chargers. I sometimes have trouble telling the difference.

Breaking Down Andy Dalton's Week 17 Interceptions

Jason Peters takes a look at Andy Dalton's four interceptions against the Ravens last week to determine how the Chargers might force turnovers from the Bengals quarterback.

Review: Chargers on 4th down against the Chiefs

The Chargers faced plenty of 4th downs this past Sunday. How well did Mike McCoy (with special bonus appearance by Eric Weddle) handle them?

Review: Chargers on 4th down against the Raiders

How does the New York Times 4th Down Bot rate Mike McCoy's performance on Sunday?

Is Ryan Mathews Breaking Out or Returning to Form?

A common theme when talking about Chargesr running back Ryan Mathews this season is that he is having a breakout year. But is that really the case?

Review: Chargers on 4th down against the Broncos

In which we evaluate Mike McCoy's 4th down decisions.

Chargers Bench NT Cam Thomas for Sean Lissemore

The Chargers nose tackle has lost his starting role to Sean Lissemore. Could this be the last season in San Diego for Cam Thomas?

Chargers on 4th Down against the Giants

Last week we looked at how head coach Mike McCoy has been doing on 4th down. This week we are evaluating his decision from last week's blowout win against the New York Giants.

Review: Mike McCoy on 4th Down

San Diego Chargers Head Coach Mike McCoy has received a lot of criticism for his conservative approach on going for it on 4th down in opposing territory. Does he really deserve it?

Turnover Watch: Bengals at Chargers

Who is to blame for the San Diego Chargers' 3 offensive turnovers in their loss to the Cincinnati Bengals? Who gets credit for their 2 defensive turnovers?

How the Chargers Can Beat the Broncos

The Chargers are a big underdog going into their first meeting with divisional opponent Denver Broncos. How can the Chargers beat Peyton Manning and keep playoff hopes alive?