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I like monkeys and the San Diego Chargers. I sometimes have trouble telling the difference.

Breaking Down New Bolts: David Johnson

Breaking down the game film on TE David Johnson and what he can contribute to the San Diego Chargers.

Breaking Down New Bolts: Donald Brown

Breaking Down New Bolts is back with game film breakdowns of new free agents signed by the San Diego Chargers. The first player up is the premium signing so far of the offseason, Donald Brown.

Breaking Down New Bolts: Offensive Review

Last season, Jason Peters broke down film of newly signed offensive linemen King Dunlap and Chad Rinehart before they ever played a down for the San Diego Chargers. How did his predictions pan out?

Breaking Down New Bolts: Defensive Review

Jason Peters looks back at the defensive players he evaluated last offseason, and struggles with how horrible Derek Cox turned out to be.

4th Down Review, Part 3: Coaching Aggressiveness

In the third and final part of his review on 4th down decision making, Jason Peters looks at overall coaching aggressiveness on 4th down for the league.

4th Down Review, Part 2: The Rest of the League

In Part 2 of a series on how terrible Mike McCoy is at 4th down decisions, Jason Peters looks at the rest of the league in comparison.

4th Down Review, Part 1: Mike McCoy

Jason Peters takes a look back at coaching decisions on fourth down. In this first part, he looks specifically at Mike McCoy, and finds out how much improving decision-making could help the San Diego Chargers win.

The 2013 San Diego Chargers Team Awards

Sure, the team hands out their own award, giving things like team MVP, and best lineman, and so on. That's boring. Let's hand out some more interesting awards.

Review: Chargers on 4th down against the Broncos

The Chargers offense found itself repeatedly stymied during the Divisional playoff game against the Denver Broncos. Should Mike McCoy have opted to go for it more?

Review: Chargers on 4th down against the Bengals

The Chargers pulled out an impressive victory against the Bengals on Sunday thanks to great pregame preparation. Did Mike McCoy do well with his in-game management?