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The Biggest Snubs of the Chargers' Ring of Honor

Discussing the players who should feel snubbed for not currently being a member of the Chargers' Ring of Honor.

Keeping Tabs on the AFC West

Where BFTB aggregates news from the AFC West into one convenient post for its readers.

The Least Honorable of the Chargers' Ring of Honor

Discussing the most borderline performers who have gotten the prestigious distinction of being a San Diego Chargers' Ring of Honor inductee

"Reaching" for Fluker vs. Trading Up for Te'o

Providing a reason not to go nuts about the San Diego Chargers picking D.J. Fluker well above his expected mock position or trading up for Manti Te'o.

BFTB Mock Draft: Who Will Be Left at 11?

David Marver uses a general additive model with an additional smoothing algorithm to try and best predict who the San Diego Chargers will select with the 11th overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.

Mock Drafts: A Thorough Evaluation

Aggregating and examining historical mock draft data to determine how accurate Mel Kiper, Mike Mayock, Todd McShay and many others have been with their mock drafts in the past.

Poll: where would you draft "Robo Punter"

Where would you draft the perfect punter, "Robo Punter", capable of punting the football out-of-bounds, inside the opponent's 1 yard line every time? BFTB examines that player's value and the absurdity he'd bring to NFL strategy.

History & Fun Facts on the 11th pick in NFL Draft

A history of the 11th pick of the NFL Draft, including stars and busts that have been drafted at slot 11. A separate section altogether is left for the absurd story of Russell Erxleben.