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The AFC Playoff Picture going into Week 11

Breaking down the AFC Playoff picture heading into week 11, including some intuitive visuals on tie-breaking scenarios. What do the San Diego Chargers need to do to make it into the NFL postseason?

The 2013 NFL playoff picture going into Week 10

Taking a look at the AFC playoff picture, and how it relates to the San Diego Chargers, heading into Week 10.

Mike McCoy's worst strategic decisions of 2013

Marver categorizes and summarizes the worst in-game strategic decisions Mike McCoy has made in his young NFL head coaching career with the San Diego Chargers.

Who to root for during the Chargers bye week

A.J. Green and the Bengals top our list of who to root for during the San Diego Chargers' bye week

Jacksonville is not a freebie: 0-6 teams and luck

The recent "success" of teams following an 0-6 start is a cautionary reminder that there is no such thing as a free win in the NFL. The San Diego Chargers should remember this as they travel to Jacksonville to take on the winless Jaguars.

McCoy's decision to kick a FG was the right call

Late in the fourth quarter, Mike McCoy made the decision to kick a FG against the Indianapolis Colts on 4th & 1. Luckily, Chargers kicker Nick Novak made that FG, but many claim the decision was the wrong one. In fact, it was the right call.

Needs Improvement in Week 6: Rivers' patience

Which area needs improvement for the Chargers to have success moving forward? Marver thinks Philip Rivers needs to better leverage clean pockets, like the ones the Chargers offensive line gave him in week five.

Examining how San Diego has become a football town

Publicly available data regarding website traffic and web searches provides an insight into how San Diego has become a pre-dominantly football town.

BFTB examines the NFL's new rule banning purses

The NFL has implemented new rules banning specific items, citing safety concerns and access inefficiencies. The rules are pretty stupid, as BFTB demonstrates.

Keeping Tabs on AFC West: Woodson to the Broncos?

This week, in Keeping Tabs on the AFC West: BFTB writers wonder about the rumors of Charles Woodson and Brian Urlacher going to the Broncos, Joe Montana's signed dinner receipt is auctioned off and Amy Trask is no longer needed in Oakland.