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Anthony Lynn, Please Keep Geno Smith

I am finally comfortable with the Chargers backup quarterback position.

Madden NFL 19 Review

How does this year’s Madden play? We’ll tell you.

I Hate Offseason Hype

Writers really dig deep for content in the offseason doldrums, but we need to temper our expectations

Greatest Madden Game Ever: Part 3

Part three in the thrilling saga

Greatest Madden Game Ever: Part 2

Here’s the 2nd part in the thrilling saga

Greatest Madden Game Ever: Finale

The gripping conclusion to the epic series.

Craziest Game of Madden Ever: Part 1

Not what you might expect to find on this website, but a worthwhile story, nonetheless.

NFL Power Rankings: Chargers Still Have Not Earned Any Respect

Revisiting Aaron’s Fantasy Predictions

A month and a half ago, Aaron wrote an article on which LA Chargers players to target and which to forget about. Let’s take a look at how his predictions have fared.

Philip Rivers Was on Fire on Sunday... in the Wrong Way

Does being a dumpster fire count?