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AFC West Updates

AFC West Mixtape Ep. 1: Underrated players, OUR GUY for the 2022 season, and honest division record predictions

Managing editors from every AFC West community get together to discuss all things happening in the division.

Broncos trade All-Pro EDGE Von Miller to Rams for 2 draft picks

The Rams are showing everyone the definition of "all in."

REPORT: Kansas City Chiefs are possible landing spot for Earl Thomas

Starting from the bottom

Only way to go is up

Raiders trade away Khalil Mack

Oh, happy day.

What team will Khalil Mack play for this season?

Could Khalil Mack be out of the division by this time next year?

Offseason Refresher Course: Denver Broncos

Refresh yourself on the Broncos prior to the start of Training Camp

A Look Around the AFC West After the Free Agency Frenzy

The Los Angeles Chargers have taken a quiet approach this offseason, how does that compare to their division rivals?

Alex Smith Traded to The Washington Redskins

The AFC West Is the 2nd Best Division in Football

CBS’s pre-season ranking gives high honors to the West

Where Does the Chargers Defense Rank in the AFC West?

Can the Chargers hold their own defensively in a loaded AFC West?

AFC West Quarterbacks Rank Third in the NFL's Adam Shein ranks the NFL's Quarterbacks by division

Where Does the Chargers Offense Rank in the AFC West?

Can the Chargers outgun the rival Raiders in 2017?

Melvin Ingram’s Contract Extension & Reviewing the AFC West Draft Class

Garrett Sisti and Jamie Hoyle are back with another episode of the Lightning Round Podcast.

2017 AFC West Preview: Taking on the Broncos

A way too early, way too optimistic look at the AFC West matchup vs the Broncos this year.

Kansas City Chiefs Trade Up for Potential Franchise Quarterback

The Chiefs traded way up to select Patrick Mahomes

The G-L Review: Why Does the Media Hate Philip Rivers?

Yeah, I’m a biased homer. But for some unknown reason, the media sure seems to rag on the Chargers’ franchise star. Plus, lots more to chew on in this Bye Week special.

Can the West still be won?

AFC West Free Agency Round-Up

The San Diego Chargers have been quiet after a busy day one of Free Agency, but what has the rest of the division been up to?

Is This Team A KC Masterpiece Or A Red-Hot Mess?

The Kansas City Chiefs have been getting a lot of love from some pundits, but a lot of "meh" from others. Looking at what happened in the off-season, one can reasonably conclude that they Chiefs have remained solid, but nowhere near spectacular.

What's In The Thin, Smokey Air in Denver?

After winning the division for 4 seasons in row, coach Fox was rewarded with a pink slip and relegated to the Chicago dumpster fire. Kubiak rejoins Elway as second fiddle once again in his life. Talent abounds, but is Manning still elite?

What Evil Has Been Happening In Oakland?

The Bolts road to the playoffs goes through 3 other cities in the AFC West. So what have the teams we Bolts fans know and despise been doing in the offseason? And what are these teams going to look like in 2015?

AFC West Positional Power Rankings

How do the position groups in the AFC West stack up against each other?

2015 AFC West Offseason Previews: Denver Broncos

The last look at the AFC West offseason is in Denver, with the champions of the division. Their offseason includes a coaching chance and rests on the whim of Peyton Manning.

2015 AFC West Offseason Previews: Kansas City

The second installment of our look around the AFC West looks at the Kansas City Chiefs, who once again finished in 2nd place in the division last year.

AFC West Offseason Previews: Oakland Raiders

What are the Raiders facing this offseason?

Power Ranking the AFC West Position Groups

How does the Chargers roster stack up with the rest of the AFC West? How tough will it be for them to win their own division this year?

The Chargers will finish last in the AFC West

What scenarios could lead the San Diego Chargers to finish in fourth place in the AFC West in 2014?

How The Broncos Did It: Their Cap and Free Agents

Much talk has been had concerning the moves the Denver Broncos made in the offseason, and the Salary Cap situation that allowed them to do it. This article explains how.

Free Agency Round-Up: AFC West (Day 1)

The Chargers make a splash with Donald Butler, but can't keep up with the big spending of the Broncos. The Chiefs and Raiders lose valuable assets. It's a review of Day 1 of Free Agency in the AFC West!

Catching up with the Oakland Raiders

On October 6th, the San Diego Chargers were soundly beaten by the Oakland Raiders to the tune of 27-17. What has happened with the Raiders in the 2+ months since that game?

What is the rest of the NFL up to?

Intriguing playoff races, dysfunction in Florida, surprises, and disappointments. It has been a fairly well rounded season, so far.

What happened during the Chargers bye week?

The San Diego Chargers took the week off, as did some of their fans. Let's get caught up on what changed for the team following Sunday's games.

AFC West Quarter-Season Roundtable

We asked bloggers for the Chargers, Chiefs, Broncos and Raiders to come up with the "best stat" and "worst stat" for their teams after four games.

Keeping Tabs: Did Manning cheat his way back?

Why Dan Rubenstein believes Manning's comeback raises some red flags, why the Chiefs special teams are feeling special again and what Raiders owner Mark Davis thinks about playing on a dirt infield.

Keeping Tabs: Preseason Edition

Why Wes Welker is happy to be out of New England and away from Bill Belichick, why Alex Smith and Jamaal Charles should be quite the combo and how Taiwan Jones is attempting to do the impossible.


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