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Baby Duty Calls 2: Electric Boogaloo

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Hey all!

As you all know, I took about a month off immediately following the birth of my daughter on November 1st. When December rolled around, I returned to finish both the Chargers season and the rest of the NFL schedule up through last night’s Super Bowl. Now with everything wrapped up on the 2023-2024 NFL calendar, it’s time I get back to taking the rest of my parental leave.

I have roughly five months of leave left, but that’s like...a really long time to be gone. I can’t just become a ghost for that long. It kind’ve hurts to even think about. We have the NFL draft and the combine coming up in the next few months which are tentpole events of the offseason. We need to cover those and hopefully I can still do that at some semblance of a pace while still enjoying the needed time off with my daughter.

Both Ryan and Kyle will be here in the meantime, plugging away as much as possible. As you all know, Kyle recently had a daughter as well which we’re all super stoked about. It’s an odd time here at BFTB with so many new little Charger fans joining the family but we wouldn’t trade it for anything.

While I’m gone, those two will do the best they can to keep the lights on and I’m sure they’d appreciate any and all help from all of you in regards to what you want on the site to keep things going steady.

I’ll miss all of you dearly, but I can’t say I’m too upset about being able to get away and forget the uhh...last two Super Bowl winners— *vomits

It’s going to feel pretty dang cool to return and essentially hit the ground running alongside the new coaching staff who will be coming off their first draft class with the Chargers, as well as training camp right around the corner.

So I’ll leave you all there. Have fun. Don’t make things too tough on Kyle and Ryan, and I’ll see you all before you know it. And don’t forget you all can still hit me up on Twitter (@zonetracks), as well!

See you all in a short five months!