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Super Bowl Game Thread - Chiefs vs 49ers

The Bolts’ division rival is set for a Super Bowl rematch against the 49ers

Super Bowl LVIII - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Ryan Kang/Getty Images

Bolts From the Blue -

Super Bowl Sunday is here. It’s not an ideal matchup for Chargers fans, as once again we are force-fed watching a divisional rival build upon an incredibly impressive dynasty.

The Chargers have had an extremely optimistic start of the offseason. The hiring of Jim Harbaugh was arguably the single-most impactful decision the team could have made, along with a very strong General Manager hire in Joe Hortiz. For some, they may want to take the Maxx Crosby approach and actually cheer for the Kansas City Chiefs to win again so that their team may be responsible for usurping this current dynasty. With Harbaugh, Hortiz, and two Herberts, the Chargers are in the best position they’ve ever been in to do so.

Or, perhaps some of you are choosing to keep their fandom in-state and out-of-conference, and are cheering on a 49ers squad that has one of the most impressive rookie-contract roster builds we’ve seen in recent memory, featuring the 2022 NFL Draft’s Mr. Irrelevant.

We’re throwing this Game Day Thread article up for you guys, so get the conversation going below.