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Kellen Moore rated among top-5 offensive coordinators in NFL by NFLPA survey

Despite the underwhelming results, Kellen Moore is widely adored by his players in the Chargers locker room, according to a new NFLPA survey.

Las Vegas Raiders v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

On Thursday morning, the NFLPA released their results from a survey in which they asked over 1,700 players to rate the coordinators they’ve played this season for on a scale of 1-10. Despite an overall underwhelming season for the Chargers, offensive coordinator Kellen Moore finished as the fifth highest-rated offensive coordinator by the players.

Here are the full results for the top five rated coaches in all three phases of the game:

Offensive Coordinators: Frank Smith (Miami), Thomas Brown (Panthers), Brian Schottenheimer (Cowboys), Brian Callahan (Bengals), and Kellen Moore (Chargers)

Defensive Coordinators: Aaron Glenn (Lions), Steve Wilks (49ers), Dan Quinn (Cowboys), Brian Flores (Vikings), and Raheem Morris (Rams)

Special Teams: John Fassel (Cowboys), Chris Tabor (Panthers), Matt Daniels (Vikings), David Fipp (Lions), and Darren Rizzi (Saints)

Moore was brought in to change the fortunes for the Chargers’ run game while continuing to keep things dynamic with Justin Herbert and the passing game. The former started well with 234 yards against the Dolphins in Week One, but that average has slowly dropped each and every week to their current mark of 95.2 rushing yards per game. Injuries also shook the passing attack as Mike Williams has been out since Week Three due to a torn ACL. Josh Palmer and Keenan Allen have also both missed a handful of games and we haven’t even mentioned that Justin Herbert has been lost for the season with a broken hand.

Entering Week 18, the passing attack is now 13th in the league and averaging 232.6 yards per game. Some of those problems started to arise prior to Herbert’s injury, however. Before Herbert was knocked out of the first tilt with the Broncos, he had thrown for under 220 yards in three of the previous five games. Even with the team’s injuries up to that point, something obviously wasn’t clicking.

But at the end of the day, the players apparently haven’t soured on Moore. According to NFLPA president J.C. Tretter, a coach being selected amongst the top five at his position “appeal to almost everybody in their locker room.”

If Moore is truly adored by his players as much as this reflects, don’t be surprised to see him have a chance to be retained by the next coaching staff, especially if they take how the players feel towards him into consideration. After all, I doubt Herbert would want to learn yet another offense in his fifth year of being an NFL quarterback.