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Jim Harbaugh’s 5-year contract with Chargers reportedly averages $16 million per year

If the sources are correct, Harbaugh would be making $80 million over the course of the deal.

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According to Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio, multiple sources have informed him that Jim Harbaugh’s five-year contract with the Chargers will average $16 million annually, putting the total to $80 million committed to the national title-winning coach. If true, that would make Harbaugh the second-highest earning coach in the NFL behind the Broncos’ Sean Payton who makes $18 million annually.

Before the two sides finally agreed to a deal and put ink to paper, the Charger fanbase was understandably cautious that the Spanos family wouldn’t end up forking out the needed cash to bring in the coaching cycle’s top candidate. However, with these numbers, they did end up walking the walk.

Will that type of money be worth it in the end? The entire fan base sure hopes so. A good coach and what they could do for the franchise not only in the immediate, but the foreseeable future, cannot be understated. If Harbaugh comes in and immediately turns around the fortunes of the Chargers, one could argue he’d already be worth his entire reported $80 million contract. The franchise has been a “dark horse contender” or simply a case of “so close but no cigar” for far too long.

For a coach who has, almost quite literally, been a success everywhere he’s coached over the past two decades, it’s hard not to allow yourself get to back to being 100 emotionally invested in this team. After all, what are the chances that the first time Harbaugh can’t get the job done on a consistent basis is with this specific franchise? I don’t think the fan base could imagine seeing “Jim Harbaugh fired after just two seasons in LA” or something similar in a headline right now. It just wouldn’t compute. But unfortunately, until things start getting done — whether that’s winning the AFC West or consistently being a double-digit win team — it’s all just a sparkling pile of hopes and dreams.

But nonetheless, it’s going to be a fun ride over the coming offseason.