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Jim Harbaugh’s second interview with Falcons rescheduled after meeting with Chargers

Hours after it was reported that Jim Harbaugh would meet with the Falcons on Wednesday, the meeting was then rescheduled to a later date.

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The Jim Harbaugh to the Chargers hype seemed to swell and peak throughout Tuesday afternoon as the two sides met for a second time. Many believed that was the final box to check before a deal was struck, but no signing came to light before the day’s end.

On Wednesday morning , NFL insider Jordan Schultz reported that Harbaugh was scheduled to meet with the Falcons for the second time the same day. However, just a few hours after that report, Schultz then updated the report by saying the meeting with the Falcons was bring rescheduled to a later date while Harbaugh still remained in Los Angeles.

On the face, this seems like a positive for the Chargers in that there’s likely a reason Harbaugh chose to stay in Los Angeles despite of the reported meeting having been scheduled. Did the meeting on Tuesday with the Chargers go that well? Did they extend their meeting in order to iron out the final details towards getting a deal done?

Only time will tell at this point.

In a bit of conflicting news, per fellow NFL insider Ian Rapoport, the meeting between the Falcons and Harbaugh has apparently been scheduled for this Thursday “for days.” A bit surprising to see such contrasting reports but that’s just part of the game during this part of the coaching carousel.