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Join the Bolts From The Blue 2023 Survivor contest

Bolts From The Blue is running a free Survivor contest this year with a prize for the winners. Join below and bookmark this page so you can make your pick each week.

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We’re kickstarting something new here at Bolts From The Blue and we’re absolutely stoked about it.

Starting this season, we’re commencing a new Survivor league brought to you by our official sports betting partner, DraftKings Sportsbook!

This will be a fun opportunity to have a little community-centered contest, at no cost to any of us, thanks to DraftKings. If you’ve never participated in a Survivor Contest before, the rules are fairly simple, but the game gets increasingly challenging throughout the season!

The contest will kick-off in Week 1. Your mission - should you choose to accept it - is to pick one team to win their Week 1 matchup. If your selection wins their game, you “survive” and move on to Week 2. If they lose or tie... well, that’s an elimination for you.

It sounds easy enough... but it comes with a twist. You can only select a team to win its matchup once. If you chose the Chargers to smack down the Dolphins in Week 1, you can’t select the Chargers for the rest of the season. We’ll keep advancing week by week, until either everyone has been eliminated, or until the end of Week 18. Should we not make it all the way to Week 18, the last people to lose win the prize. For example, if there are only 5 people left in Week 10 and everyone is eliminated that week, they will all split the winnings. This same concept will apply if there are multiple contestants that make it all the way through the regular season.

$250 is being staked as a championship purse, which as mentioned above will either be won outright or split amongst the winners.

However, should you lose before Week 5, fear not! We will have an additional consolation contest starting in Week 5, available for anyone who has already been booted from the main contest. This consolation bracket will follow the same rules with a later start date, and have a $100 purse.

There is a plug-in at the bottom of this page that will enable you to sign-up and make your weekly selections, so be sure to bookmark this page! Come back each week to make your picks, and don’t be afraid to add some friendly banter in the comments section, even after you’ve been eliminated.

Best of luck to all of our BFTB family! Let’s have some fun with this!