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Chargers Final Score: Chargers squeeze by Vikings with 28-24 victory

The Chargers scrape by with a win, despite a near end of game collapse.

Los Angeles Chargers v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

The Chargers notched their first tally in the win column with a road trip victory against the Minnesota Vikings.

There were some incredibly exciting highlights from this game, with Donald Parham collecting a pair of touchdowns and Keenan Allen connecting with Mike Williams on a deep touchdown pass.

There will be questions aimed at Brandon Staley regarding his decision to go for a fourth down conversion against a team with no time outs while leading by four. Not only did the Chargers opt to make an extremely aggressive call with the game on the line, they decided to put the ball in their backup running back’s hands instead of their franchise “rockstar” quarterback.

Kenneth Murray deserves his flowers for playing another solid game at linebacker and securing the game winning interception.

Overall, this game leaves more questions than answers for Chargers fans, but hopefully the team can build on this momentum and turn things around before the bye.