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TOUCHDOWN! Keenan Allen passes to Mike Williams for a 49-yard score!

The Chargers get creative with a receiver-to-receiver touchdown pass

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Minnesota Vikings Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Some of my earliest memories of Chargers football involve LaDainian Tomlinson throwing touchdown passes to his Chargers receivers, or even Drew Brees.

This Sunday, we were treated to some similar trickery with Keenan Allen catching a pass behind Justin Herbert and launching a deep one to Mike Williams.

What a fun play between two talented veterans on this squad. Kellen Moore’s impact on the offense has yet to be fully realized, as the Bolts still seem to be adjusting and finding their way on offense. Getting your stars involved on some creative and fun plays is a great way to get this offense rolling.

The Chargers are going to need to keep their defensive play tight as they gave up another touchdown right after this score, leaving the score at 21-17. Mike Williams has also gone down with an injury, so this is sure to be another game that goes to the last possession.