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WATCH: Alohi creates red zone turnover, Herbert connects with Parham for six!

The Chargers capitalize on an Alohi Gilman stripped football and march down the field for a touchdown!

LA Chargers and Miami Dolphins at Sofi Stadium. Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

How GOOD does it feel to see the Chargers defense make a huge defensive stop against an offensive rolling with momentum, and then actually capitalize on it with a turnover? That’s what winning football looks like!

Steady and reliable Alohi Gilman creates his own turnover when T.J. Hockenson sat down in a zone between three Chargers defenders and caught a first down pass at the Chargers 17-yard line. With Hockenson already wrapped up by a teammate, Alohi went for the ball, and ripped it out of Hockenson’s arms.

The secondary got in a little team celly with Gilman.

Last season, we saw the Chargers struggle with being opportunistic with the turnovers the defense provided. Nothing can sway momentum your direction by taking points off the other team’s board, and scoring a touchdown of your own. That’s exactly what Justin Herbert and Donald Parham did on the following drive.

That’s the way to do it Bolts! Let’s keep it up!