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Chargers Injury Update: Sebastian Joseph-Day returns to play

The starting defensive lineman was off the field during the first quarter but has re-entered the game.

Miami Dolphins v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Chargers’ starting defensive lineman is off the field after getting hurt whilst making a tackle on second down during the first quarter. He stepped up to bring down the Vikings’ running back Alexander Mattison where they met in a violent collision and both players were taken off the field. From sideline reports it seems like a neck injury check for Joseph-Day, he was taken into the blue tent immediately following his own decision to walk off the field. He has since been taken into the locker room for further evaluations, he is officially Questionable to return.

If the starting interior defensive lineman is not able to rejoin it will be a big loss for a defense that is short on starters with injuries starting to pile up. His presence in the middle will be sorely missed particularly on early downs where both the pass and run are on the table for the offence. Look for both Morgan Fox and Nick Williams to see more time but so far it seems like Staley is looking for lighter personnel with Fox acting as another pass rusher. The Vikings are the pass happiest team in the league with a huge 78% pass rate so this might be a smart adjustment to losing another defensive starter.

Sebastian Joseph-Day has now returned to the field in the second quarter after spending some time out to be checked for an injury.