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NFL analyst boldly predicts Justin Jefferson to make history against the Chargers

Vikings WR Justin Jefferson could pass Chargers legend Lance Alworth in the record books for the most games of 150+ receiving yards through a player’s first four seasons.

Minnesota Vikings v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Every week, Chargers fans and the rest of the football world are showered with “bold” predictions in regards to the upcoming weekend of games. It provides an easy and convenient level of content that the masses love to chew on in anticipation of their team’s next content.

When the bold prediction involves your favorite team, you hope it’s due to an analyst predicting they’ll have a historically-productive game. What you DON’T want is your team being on the wrong end of such a prediction because it likely means they’re not doing so hot to the point it’s reasonable to believe they have a chance to victimized in such a way.

Well I’m sad to say that this week the Chargers are on the unfortunate side of one of these predictions. CBS Sports analyst Garrett Podell has predicted that Vikings wideout Justin Jefferson will make NFL history on Sunday by eclipsing 150 receiving yards for his third consecutive game, which would make him the first player in NFL history to do just that to begin a new NFL season.

“Even though the Vikings are 0-2, it certainly isn’t 2022 Offensive Player of the Year Justin Jefferson’s fault,” states Podell. “He is only fifth player since the 1970 NFL-AFL merger with 150 or more receiving yards in Weeks 1 and 2 of a season. Should he do it again in Week 3 against the Chargers, he will be the first player in NFL history to do so in each of the first three weeks of season. Jefferson would also break a tie with Chargers Pro Football Hall of Fame receiver Lance Alworth for the most career games with 150 or more receiving yards in a player’s first four seasons. Both currently have 10 such games.”

Well, shoot.

Not only would Jefferson make history for himself against the Chargers, he’d also be taking history away from the Chargers franchise by passing over Lance Alworth’s record.

So here’s the deal: The Chargers have to win this game to balance the scales. If Jefferson ends up breaking the record, the Chargers have to take the win in an attempt to spoil the day. I don’t make the rules. This is simply how it has to be.