Correct me if I am wrong.

If I remember correctly a losing team would have to practice on Tuesday if they did not win in Sunday. So it was a big incentive to win on Sunday which makes sense because the losing team did not excute as well so they need more practice. I get it with a 17 game season and coaches as it gets later in the season that rule might be lifted especially if their established winners. But Z Chargers and their goofy coach seems to tgink they win all the time. Hence the Wed injury report not a Tuesday report. It seems to me with an early bye this team needs to practice more to help alleviate the set backs of an off season that Bolt Beat postulated yesterday correctly. Love that sight. Charger fans can only hope that Harbaugh is more than just rumors so us fans can finally have hope after 10 years of mediocrity and at certain time’s embarrassment.

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