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WATCH: Justin Herbert and Keenan Allen score their second touchdown against the Titans!

Justin Herbert connects with Keenan Allen for their second touchdown of the game!

Los Angeles Chargers v Tennessee Titans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

The Chargers and Titans are going blow-for-blow today in Nashville, with Tennessee briefly taking the lead from the Chargers in the third quarter before the Chargers answered back to swing the game back in their favor.

Both Keenan Allen and Mike Williams have seen a healthy share of targets, but Allen is dominating in the red zone today.

Unlike the first touchdown that required Justin Herbert to spin out of a would-be sack and take a late hit, this time Justin made it look like a simple game of pass and catch between him and Allen.

The game is far from over; the Titans have been moving the ball efficiently against the Chargers and have capitalized on errors and drive-extending penalties by Los Angeles. The Bolts have the lead with almost a full quarter of play left in the game, but no one is going to feel comfortable with this one until the final whistle is blown.