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Where Chargers offensive players stand statistically after Week 1

The Chargers passing offense didn’t wow anyone against the Dolphins, but that’s not surprising when you rush for 234 yards.

Los Angeles Chargers vs Miami Dolphins Set Number: X164423 TK1

Like any fans, the Chargers fan base is obsessive over their favorite players, the team’s record, and anything else they can keep track of during the NFL season. When you have a team full of brand-name players, you also probably like to keep track of how they’re performing relative to their peers. This is especially the case for offensive players like Justin Herbert and Austin Ekeler, two of the most-productive players at their respective positions in the league.

It’s with that in mind that I bring you this weekly update to give you all an idea where the top Chargers offensive players stand amongst the rest of the NFL. Here are the numbers following the team’s first game of the season.

QB Justin Herbert

  • Passing yards: 228 (12th)
  • Passing touchdowns: One (T-12th)
  • Completions: 23 (T-12th)

RB Austin Ekeler

  • Rushing Yards: 117 (3rd)
  • Rushing touchdowns: One (T-5th)
  • Receptions: 4 (T-50th)
  • Receiving yards: 47 (T-44th)

RB Joshua Kelley

  • Rushing Yards: 91 (5th)
  • Rushing touchdowns: One (T-5th)

WR Keenan Allen

  • Receptions: Six (T-15th)
  • Receiving yards: 76 (18th)
  • Receiving touchdowns: Zero (Last)

WR Mike Williams

  • Receptions: Four (T-50th)
  • Receiving yards: 45 (T-48th)
  • Receiving touchdowns: Zero (Last)