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STARTER Chargers jackets are back at Homage

Homage is back to flood your closets with the best Chargers apparrel on the market.

Anyone who lives long enough knows that the most popular things always find a way to come back around like they never left.

Music, clothes, fads, etc. It never quite seems to go away for long. The same can also be said for sports and your favorite team’s apparel.

Our friends at Homage are back for another year to dominate the sports fashion world with their latest batch of Chargers swag. With the team’s colors already the best in the NFL, you truly can’t go wrong with anything they have to offer.

The biggest superstar of their collection is also back in the STARTER NFL Satin Jacket. Each superfan can get their hands on this work of art, but be quick. This level of hotness doesn’t last forever.

The Chargers jacket comes in their classic powder blue with gold and white accents. If you like being the center of attention, this is a great place to start. I’m already in awe just looking at.

The size spectrum ranges from small to XXL.

Additionally, Homage is offering a sale to those who buy a Starter jacket at launch. Anyone that purchases a Homage Starter NFL Satin Jacket gets 20% off any other NFL apparel item on September 12th only (today), so take advantage of this while it lasts!

Some of the other Chargers apparel includes:

The hits don’t just stop there. For more Chargers apparel and anything else you may want from around NFL, check it all out right here!