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Chargers vs Dolphins highlights

We’ll be keeping you updated on some of the highlights from the game HERE

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at San Francisco 49ers Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s a one-stop shop for our highlights for the game, Bolts From the Blue!

We’re certainly gearing up for an exciting afternoon of football, as Chargers fandom is eagerly anticipating the impact Kellen Moore will have on the offense. A healthy Justin Herbert is sure to be a sight for sore eyes, and early into the game we already see how much more comfortable Herbert looks moving in the pocket and scrambling for yardage the defense is giving him.

Keep refreshing and visiting this page for more exciting highlights as they come!

(12:11 - 1st, 0 - 0) Tua Tagovailoa has a second miscue with his center, putting the ball on the ground for the second time of the afternoon. This time, there was no penalty, and the Chargers recovered. It’s a good thing too... because they were getting rolled on the drive.

(4:39 - 1st, 0 - 0) Austin Ekeler plunges off the right tackle for a one yard touchdown. Tre’ McKitty does a very respectable job lead blocking from the fullback spot. Concludes a 94 yard drive, Chargers take the lead 7-0 after the PAT.

(10:27, 2nd. 10 - 7) Austin Ekeler breaks free with an EXPLOSIVE run, taking this first down carry for 55 yards. Kellen Moore’s running scheme is looking very, very promising.

(9:07, 2nd. 10 - 7). Your order of Chicken Parm is ready. Chargers take the lead, 10 - 14.

(9:13, 3rd. 20 - 17). Justin Herbert caps off the opening drive of the half with a QB sneak for a touchdown. The Chargers moved the ball on the ground all drive, scoring on a long sustained drive without completing a pass. Chargers take the leave, 20 - 24.

(4:39, 3rd. 20 - 24). JC Jackson comes down with a nice interception to end a promising Dolphins drive, but takes it out of the end zone in a questionable decision.

(14:00, 4th. 27 -24) With Austin Ekeler being looked at on the sidelines, Joshua Kelley steps in and give the Chargers their third rushing touchdown of the day, each by a unique rusher. Chargers take the lead 27 - 31.